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LP Connect is Turning Ordinary Furniture Into Smart Furniture

LP Connect is Turning Ordinary Furniture Into Smart Furniture

Smart homes were once a thing of the future but are rapidly become the thing of the present. One after another household items are evolving into intelligent items. LP Connect is going to make that transition a little bit easier for you.

The LPConnect interconnects items of furniture with your smart phone. This grants you the ability to adjust room settings and create a personalized environment for yourself or your guests.

With LPConnect you can pre-program what Leggett & Platt are calling room scenes. Set the room up for sleeping, watching television or even reading. The variations are completely customizable so you can adjust it to what ever you may need.

LPConnect isn’t just great for the end of the day, it works for the morning as well. You can create custom wake-up alarms that will be able to open shades, turn on lights or even raise an adjustable bed to an appropriate position.

All of the amazing features of the LPConnect system can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

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