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Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15
Let's Talk About BedGear - Everything Sheets

Let's Talk About BedGear - Everything Sheets

About BedGear

You might just think sleep is resting, and when you think about it as just downtime then your sheets won’t play a huge part that process. But if you think about sleep the way BedGear does, then you know it’s more than that. Sleep is your one chance to fuel up for the day ahead and allow your body to recharge. And when that’s the case, your bed and everything on it becomes a major player in how you sleep. To live up to those expectations, BedGear came up with some top-notch sheets that can help you to capitalize on those hours of unconsciousness.

The Beginning

The story of BedGear starts close to home, with a fed-up father. The CEO’s son had allergies that were so bad he had to sleep on special hypoallergenic bedding. Unfortunately, the materials were often hot and stuffy, and the boy’s sleep actually got worse. Frustrated by the lack of options available, his dad, Eugene, cut up breathable lacrosse shorts and sewed them together as sheets for his son. With that the idea of performance bedding was born.

What BedGear Believes

There are three key tenets at the core of BedGear. They are:


Do you run hot, cold, or neutral at night? Do you understand what pillows or sheets you need based on your unique sleep habits? Want to sleep the best you can on sheets that adapt to you? BedGear is there to help. And if you end up with something that doesn’t hit the spot, they are happy to help you swap it for one that does.


As you fall and stay asleep, your body temperature changes. If your bedding can’t keep your temp balanced, you’ll get either way too hot or really cold. The BedGear patented technologies help adjust your temperature to any environment, so you stay comfortable all night long.


A better mattress, a better pillow, better sheets. Each one is a single piece to an overall big picture. Your best sleep begins with bedding that works together to regulate your temperature on all fronts. Put that together with a pillow designed for your unique sleep style and temperature and a quality mattress, and you’re sleeping like a log in no time.

About the Technology


BedGear uses air flow technology in their super-soft, super-breathable Performance® sheets to create an ideal environment that helps you to regulate your temperature and keeps you from having to kick the covers off of your bed.

The core bedding sets offer incredible breathability and an environment that encourages your body’s temperature to drop and adjustment for optimal sleep recovery, no matter how hot or cold your body gets when you sleep.

The Core Lineup

BedGear Basic Sheet Set

This introductory set from BedGear offers exceptional performance in a simple package. Hypoallergenic and woven for all seasons, the basic set offers all-night comfort and a secure grip on mattresses of all sizes. Plus, it fits mattresses up to 16” thick and provides 4-Corner anchor bands for a secure fit and grip.


The sheets won’t get too warm and won’t be too breezy. These sheets work season to season.


The unique materials minimize allergens for undisturbed, sneeze-free sleep.


The energy-efficient sheets dry quickly and can be washed in cold water for quick cleaning that won’t slow you down.

Bedgear Hyper-Cotton Sheet Set

The next level up are classic cotton that got a high-tech twist. They are lightweight, durable sheets with the soft feel of cotton, plus the addition of technology that helps air circulate. This set feels familiar while doing more temperature regulating than traditional sheet ever do. Plus, it fits mattresses up to 18” thick. And the elastic Powerband® creates a no-slip grip that holds tight on all mattress heights and bases (including adjustable beds) with no baggy sides or bunching.

BedGear also wants you to remember that thread count is just a number. You may have been told that a high thread count means high quality. However in reality, the extra fibers may improve softness but they also trap more heat. Sheets need to be soft and breathable, so BedGear has created sheets with both, and the air flow rating system really works.

Lightweight and silky, Hyper-Cotton offers cotton's natural softness and comfort, while also assisting your body to regulate its temperature. Interwoven breathable fibers allow the material to move with you during your sleep, meaning you won't feel trapped or too hot.


The materials don’t wrinkle as easily as other sheets so that your bed looks as good as you feel.


The sheets also reduce allergens for undisturbed, sneeze-free sleep.


And of course, these upgraded sheets are still easy to care for and washable in cold water.

Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set

The top-tier line of sheets are featherlight and wrinkle free. They wick away moisture and heat for just the right amount of temperature regulation. You’ll be able to say goodnight to tossing and turning. Plus, it fits mattresses up to 18” thick.

The elastic Powerband® creates is another great feature that provides a no-slip grip that holds tight on all mattress heights and bases (including adjustable beds) with no baggy sides or bunching.


The Dri-Tec® moisture wicking fabric surface helps you sleep dry and comfortable throughout the night. Working out late? You’ll sleep great on these Dri-Tec sheets. In fact, your body needs to drop two degrees at night for proper rejuvenation and recovery, and the Dri-Tec fabric helps you get there, reducing heat trapped next to your body so that you sleep more restfully.

Plus, they are still allergen-reducing and very easy to clean and care for..

If you’re interested in this line of sheets you can look at all their product pages for more information, and if you have any questions we’d be glad to help. You can reach out over the phone or through email at We know that sleep is important to you, and it's crucial to us. Allow us to help you find the perfect bedroom setup for your needs so that each and every night is the best night of sleep.

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