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Four-Poster & Canopy Beds Are Back

Four-Poster & Canopy Beds Are Back

These classics are getting an updated look to match any modern home

A 2019 home trend that is certainly starting to pick up steam is four-poster beds. As things around us change, it’s nice to come back to a bedroom favorite that provides a feeling of safety and comfort.

What Are Four-Poster or Canopy Beds?

Originating in Austria, four-poster beds first took off in the 13th century. Talk about vintage. They had canopies made from carved wood or draped fabric that extended to the floor. It was a sign of luxury and necessity because the curtains blocked out the light, cold, and provided privacy.

four poster canopy bed

There is less of a need for full, floor-length curtains any more but some still find them charming, myself included. Nowadays, there are four-poster options that offer bare wood or metal and sheer drapes that offer a touch of elegance and whimsy.

Not only do these beds encompass tradition and luxury as well as feel very elegant in a room, but they also can accommodate a myriad of different styles. So, if you’re concerned these beds might be too old-fashioned or traditional, think again. There are modern, contemporary, and even coastal options available. Whatever look you’re trying to accomplish, there is a four-poster for you.

Let’s take a peek at some examples of the most popular styles.

Classic Models

Because four-poster beds are rooted in the classics, naturally they look beautiful with traditional or rustic design. Neutrals, complemented with pale wood, and romantic feeling options with sweeping fabric or charming frills. This type of gorgeous look will make you never want to get out of bed. The  Hillsdale Parkwood Bed Set is a very traditional-style and offers sweeping curves and intricate shapes. It could be the crown to a Queen's luxury bedroom.

four poster beds canopy beds

True classics never go out of style. That’s why they’re classics. But sometimes a rebrand is in order.

Coastal Style

White paired with texture and light, airy neutrals in bedding and finish. With this, you’ll be accomplishing a look that evokes the vibe of a breezy seaside retreat. We love the vacation ambiance.

Another option to go with a more casual look is to choose a four-poster bed without the canopy. This can be a bit more approachable but still offers a grand presence in your bedroom.

four poster coastal bed

Modern Lines

Both dramatic and striking, four-poster beds suited to the modern are made to stand out. With such a striking look, these modern poster beds don’t need any adornment. They look fabulous standing on their own with single colors and no frills. There are several four-poster beds that include just posts. They’re typically carved with decorative designs that stretch far above the bed. The effect is dramatic. Even without the canopies, these modern lines make a bedroom look luxurious and timeless.

four poster bed modern

Kids Four-Posters

Kids’ four-poster beds are one of my absolute favorites in this new interpretation of the style. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been jealous of a kid’s room or two. From bright hues to matching twin four posters, designers are adding a dash of whimsy to all sorts of children’s spaces. There are some that just embrace the canopy or some that play up the entirety of the classic style.

Check out this beautiful option that would be perfect for a young girl's room. The  Hillsdale Westfield Canopy Bed Set is a great option that you can dress up or keep simple.

kids four poster bed canopy bed

Your Four-Poster

In the past ten years, four-poster beds have disappeared from many modern bedrooms. Clean lines in the form of headboards and frame have taken their place. However, in the recent past, those clean lines have been introduced to four-poster beds and even people with traditional tastes have come to love the interesting new designs these beds are showcasing.

Consider us officially on board with this bedroom trend. Any style you like, we’re here for it. Because there’s no one right way to design a four-poster and thanks to that they can find a place in any bedroom.

Whether you’re crafting a boho bedroom, an fine beach-side bungalow, or a contemporary, stripped-down retreat, a four-poster bed can pull the entire look together. So, now it’s your turn. Make a statement, make it a focal point, and make it yours. Check out our four-poster beds and reach out if you have any questions.

your four poster bed

What do you think? Do you like four-poster beds?