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Difference Between Pillowtop & Euro Top

Difference Between Pillowtop & Euro Top

The Difference Between Pillow Top and Euro Top Mattresses

Many mattress manufacturers use "Pillow Top" and "Euro Top" interchangeably, which has confused many consumers as to the difference between these two mattress types. With regard to comfort or support the differences are minimal, so much so that it is doubtful that you would notice it. There is a very obvious and significant difference in design with respect to the way the extra cushion is added to the top.

What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

A pillow top mattress is just as the name describes, a mattress with an extra pillow-like layer on one or both sides. This extra layer is added to improve the softness and comfort of the mattress. This layer is stitched to the top of the mattress so that it provides uniform and adequate comfort throughout the mattress.

What is a Euro Top Mattress?

A euro top mattress, while similar to the pillow top has one significant design difference. Instead of the pillow layer looking like it's sitting on top (and separate from) the mattress, the pillow layer in a euro top mattress is stitched flush with the edge of the mattress so it looks like an extra layer attached to the top of the mattress. This creates a uniform appearance and makes all of the layers look as if they are one piece.

Will I Notice the Difference?

While the functionality of these two types of mattresses is the same, the design, or how the mattress looks is different. Will you notice the difference? Likely not. In fact, once you have linens and a comforter on your mattress it is entirely possible that you will forget that your mattress is either a pillow top or a euro top. To you, it will just be a comfortable place to sleep each night.

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