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What is Zero Gravity?

What is Zero Gravity?

What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

While you are standing, gravity puts a strain on your spine thus causing spinal muscles to compress in order to help you maintain balance. In a zero gravity massage chair, the chair is tilted back at a certain slant range, the torso is lined with your thighs and lower legs are extended above your heart. The zero gravity position allows the spine to decompress, let discs return to their normal size and shape. The ergonomic features of a zero gravity massage chair decrease the pressure from the back and spine.

Where Does Zero Gravity Come From?

The principle of “zero gravity” was first developed by NASA research scientists. Microgravity is the condition of relative weightlessness. During the early 1980s, NASA conducted a series of experiments and discovered that the body’s natural resting position provides relief from lower back stress while placing our heart on an equal plane with our body mass. A zero gravity chair is designed to recline your body into a natural position for maximum comfort and relaxation.

How Does Zero Gravity Benefit Your Massage Experience?

Zero gravity positioning will take the pressure off the spine, neutralize your entire body, and relieve pressure on your neck, back, and lower back so that you can become completely relaxed. This ideal position forces the body into an unparalleled state of relaxation.

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