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Smart Furniture Steals CES 2019

Smart Furniture Steals CES 2019

Smart Furniture crushed CES 2019, and people everywhere are ready to include the latest innovations in their home. From smart thermostats to toilets to wardrobes and beds, every room of your house got the voice-control treatment at CES. Smart homes could soon be the norm, and you’ll have your pick of the litter between Alexa, Google Assistant, and independent voice control.

Smart Bathrooms

Smart mirrors? Yup. Smart showers? Yup. Even smart couches? Sure thing. At CES, if you could think it up, so did the creators. Kohler showcased their latest models of smart bathtubs and showers plus mirrors, toilets, and faucets. All tied together with the Kohler Konnect app, you can control bathtub fill times, temperatures, and even depths. You can even get an update about the weather using the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror with Google Assistant. Veil smart lighting was also featured at the Kohler booth.

The Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet was a prominent feature from Kohler and offers Amazon Alexa voice control to activate the toilet’s features as well as Alexa commands for checking the weather, traffic, accessing news, and more. With an integrated nightlight that’s motion activated, mood lighting, and calming sounds, the Numi provides ambiance in addition to UV sanitation, auto de-odorizing, and a warm-air dryer.

But they’re not the only ones looking out for your bathroom needs. Coway featured a plethora of items designed to maximize your bath, shower, and toilet experiences.

Given the 2019 CES Innovation Award for four consecutive years, this year for the CIROO 2.0 filter system, as well as a slew of other awards, Coway is known for clean air, clean water, and clean bodies. And now, they’re taking new steps toward even more smart furniture and products for the family.

With their long-time favorites of the Airmega, which is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and automatic filter replacement with Amazon Dash, and the Aquamega, which also works with Amazon Dash and comes with the IoCare® App to control the device right from your phone, they’ve introduced the latest model of their Coway Bidets, the Bidetmega.

The Bidetmega features superior water flow with i-wave technology, stainless steel nozzles, two-stage sterilization through the water path and nozzle, user-friendly buttons, kid-friendly controls, Braille for the visually impaired, warm-air dry and a warm seat, soft start, and so much more. They’ve even come out with a smart wardrobe for fresh clothes that stay preserved, a massage chair for the ultimate relaxation, and a Smart Shower that adjusts water softness based on the air quality that day and can help you monitor your water usage. There are certainly great things coming from Coway.

Smart Living

37°C Smart Home introduced several smart furniture options that are designed to create a seamless, easy-going experience in your home that transfer from one room to the next. In the living room, you’ll find the Smart Sofa, Smart Coffee Table and Audio Table, and Smart Corner Table.

The Smart Sofa features temperature adjustment, an intelligent sensor light, a sedentary reminder through vibration, and wireless charging. The couch can remind you to get up on a time you choose and will adjust to a comfortable temperature or you can manually adjust it. Plus, just set your device down on the small attached table near the touch-sensor lamp, and it’ll start charging.

The Smart Coffee Table also features wireless charging and a built-in, Bluetooth sound system. The matching Corner Table also offers wireless charging. The wooden-look Audio Coffee Table sits a bit higher and also features the built-in, Bluetooth sound system. It’s tap-to-start and you can charge multiple devices wirelessly.

Also from this new and exciting line are the Smart Shoe Cabinet with sterilization, drying, and weather prompts, the Smart Bed with an auto-nightlight offering several modes including wake, reading, and sleeping, sleep quality monitoring through a connected app, and non-sensory monitoring through radar, and the Smart Bedside Table with wireless charging as well as time and alarm functions.

You’ll see more through the Smart Wardrobe with temperature prompts and dehumidifying, the Smart Dresser with skin detection, weather information, photo capture, and video-watching capabilities, the Smart Mirror with similar features plus a physical assessment, the Smart Desk with gesture-controlled heights, intelligent lighting, wireless charging, and writing posture sensing which won the A’Design Gold Award in 2018, and even a Smart Children’s Desk with habit cultivation via rewards and sitting posture monitoring.

Whole Home Innovations

There were also several items showcased that provided smart features for throughout the home including Honeywell’s smart thermostats, Whirlpool ovens, microwaves, and fridges which stored recipes and lists, and home protection through the Ring video doorbell and monitoring devices and the Amazon Key which allows you to get your products dropped off inside and see the delivery in real time. There was even a robot vacuum manufacturer that showcased a moving robot air purifier and window cleaner.

There was so much to see and we only scratched the surface! Be sure to keep an eye out for all the latest in Smart Home Technology and stay tuned for more updates from LVFO when we go to World Market later this month.

This article was originally posted on Las Vegas Furniture Online.

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