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What is the Best Malouf Adjustable Bed?

What is the Best Malouf Adjustable Bed?

When it comes to providing you with modern features, the Malouf adjustable bases don’t disappoint. The Malouf adjustable bed base comes in three varieties with added features for those who prefer to keep things simple to those who want their Malouf bed frame to come with all the bells and whistles, figuratively speaking that is. Malouf adjustable bases are engineered with your sleep and modern needs in mind.

E255 Malouf Adjustable Base

If you enjoy simplicity, the E255 may be for you. Malouf states that their E255 reclinable bed can help ease body aches and snoring, in turn, improving overall sleep quality. This Malouf adjustable bed is the basic version of the three models, featuring a wireless remote with three preset positions and two memory presets, a head and foot incline, and 750 pound weight capacity. The Malouf E255 adjustable base is sturdy, made of solid steel construction with a fabric upholstery, that can fit inside of many bed frames and provides an easier way to read and watch TV in bed. Although the E255 reclining bed doesn’t have additional features like other models, such as bluetooth and massage capabilities, you’ll still feel like you’re sleeping in luxury. This model is great for the budget-conscious who are looking for a straightforward adjustable bed.

M455 Malouf Adjustable Base

Moving up the product line, the M455 Malouf adjustable bed base has the same features as the E255, with the addition of two USB ports, single-zone massage, the Malouf mobile app, and bluetooth syncing. Although not entirely a smart bed, the Malouf Base app allows you to set your adjustable bed to modes via voice command, such as TV/Read, flat, lounge, and massage. If you ever lose sight of your bed remote, the Malouf app makes instant comfort attainable. This adjustable bed upgrade also provides a higher level of relaxation thanks to its single-zone massage function, which targets the pain in your head and neck to help you destress and truly rest.

S655 Malouf Adjustable Base

Lastly, customizable with premium settings, the Malouf S655 electronic adjustable bed is for those who enjoy comforting convenience with ample and opulent amenities. If you’re looking for the best adjustable bed frame in the Malouf line, this may be the winner. Again, this adjustable base bed has the same features as the E255 and M455, but improves upon the massage capabilities with a dual-zone massage, its integrated USB ports are also chargers in this frame, have split size syncing, a zero gravity position, anti-snore position, head tilt, under bed lighting, and child safety lock. The Malouf Base app will also include the additional features of this bed. The zero gravity position elevates the legs and torso to alleviate pressure on the lower back and promote circulation, while the anti-snore position helps reduce snoring for a more restful night's sleep. The head tilt feature allows users to adjust the angle of the headrest for added comfort while reading or watching TV, while under bed lighting provides a soft glow to help navigate the room in the dark. Finally, the child safety lock ensures peace of mind for parents, preventing accidental adjustments to the bed settings. So, if you snore, would like to sleep as if weightless in zero gravity sleep position, want the convenience of phone chargings near the tips of your fingers without additional power outlets or extension cords, and relaxation of a dual-zone massage function, this Malouf adjustable base is for you.

Upgrade your sleep experience with Malouf. Malouf has over 20 years of design experience and their adjustable bed frames have features catering to a wide range of sleepers, including those who are looking to relieve tension and snoring. If you want to destress and relax in luxury, the Malouf reclining beds are engineered innovatively for your needs. When it comes to choosing what is considered the best Malouf adjustable base, it all depends on whether you prefer a basic adjustable bed, or want the most features. Whichever you choose, we wish you sweet dreams and the best night’s sleep on a Malouf adjustable bed.
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