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Top Adjustable Bases by Reverie in 2021

Top Adjustable Bases by Reverie in 2021

These Models Steal The Show

Reverie offers a range of adjustable bases with different functionalities to meet any and all sleeping needs. Their newest line of adjustable bases are sure to impress and we offer several different models for customers to choose from. From the most feature-heavy to the basic, starter model, these top models from Reverie will help you to sleep and relax in your bed as comfortably as possible.

Below you’ll see their most recent lineup from the top of the line model to the most affordable and basic.

The Reverie Adjustable Power Bases

R650™ Adjustable Power Base

The top model in the new Reverie lineup, the R650 is innovative and great for sleepers of all types. Dual tilt function provides additional movement and comfort. Head can tilt lower than feet (and vice versa) for more pressure and stress relief. Lounge positions for pressure relief can also be customized through nearly infinite position options, including zero gravity.

You can control the base with Bluetooth through the app and set smart alarms to wake up with a soothing massage. There are even memory settings available so that you can return to your favorite positions over and over again. You can also set customized routines. These are controlled on your phone or tablet and run over a period of time that automatically updates the 3D-Wave settings at programmed time intervals. 

This Wave technology is quiet, soothing, and dimensional, working seamlessly with the Nightstand app. There are four modes, 10 intensity levels, and can help you to wake up happier and feeling more alert.

With the classic features you’d expect from a base, such as retainer bars and a night light, this is a fantastic base that side sleepers will especially love. Thanks to the tilting you can lay on your side and still get the benefits of elevation. And of course, it also offers anti-snore and one-touch flat. The design of the R650 is the Reverie Curve™ design with black mesh upholstery and 5-inch wooden tapered legs.

R550L™ Adjustable Power Base

Relax with one of the most elegant power bases on the market- the R550L. All the comforts you can imagine, at your fingertips. It includes independent lumbar adjustability for additional

lower back support. It offers head and foot adjustability and 3D-Wave™ massage technology with four modes and full-body massage including 10 intensity levels as well. 

It also provides two-way Bluetooth® technology, preset anti-snore, zero gravity, and flat positions, a whisper-quiet lift system, and ProGrip® technology that keeps the mattress in place when the bed elevates. Plus, it offers two retainer bars, the Wall-Snuggler® feature that keeps bedside tables within reach, and the LED night light.

The Wave massage technology is the same as that in the R650 and the same Nightstand app. This base also offers a more fashionable look with grey upholstery and hard-body side rails. There’s also a wireless charging pad with USB ports for charging the remote. You’ll find the smart alarms and routines as well.

R350LP™ Power Base

Get to know truly full adjustability. With the R350LP Elevate your head and feet for custom comfort with all the tech features and sleek design that you expect from a Reverie base. And now, it comes in a low profile frame with zero clearance, making it the perfect power base for platform or storage bed frames.

Equipped with Bluetooth® for use with our app.

Control the bed from your smartphone using the new and improved Reverie Nightstand™ app.

Zero Clearance

The perfect fit for platform or storage bed frames. Plus, it fits most modern bed frames and headboards with lovely light gray upholstery. You’ll also get optional 8-inch legs included with your base.

Comfort from Head to Toe

User-friendly programmable positions with near-infinite settings can be set and stored right on your base. These automate with your smart device to make for the ideal sleep experience.

You’ll also find these features:

  • Bluetooth® technology
  • Whisper-quiet lift system
  • Easy-click single-center retainer bar to secure mattress
  • 850-lb. weight capacity
  • Automatic safety stop upon weight overload
  • Power-down feature in the event of power loss

O300T™ Power Base

Sleek design and affordable comfort, that’s what you’ll find in the simple, yet powerful O300T power base. With head and foot elevation, an LED night light to guide your way, and a whisper-quiet lift system, you’ll be able to enjoy sleeping easier and get a fantastic deal.

The remote offers individual head, foot, and one-touch flat controls. It can hold up to 710 lbs and features the easy-click center retainer bar. It does provide zero gravity and its design is gray fabric upholstery with a black cut-out top. It has the 3-in-1 leg design for customizable bed heights at 12 inches, 7 inches, and 5 inches and fits most modern bed frames and headboards.

This base is also foldable for easy transport and delivery. And again, you don’t need tools to assemble it.

Easier Sleep Through Reverie

Reverie sleep products are the perfect pairing of comfort and excellent engineering. Reverie offers several adjustable power bases from feature-heavy to just the basics. Whatever you’re doing in your bed- sleeping, reading, or relaxing- you’ll be extremely comfortable thanks to the plethora of positions you can achieve thanks to all the bases. Whatever you need, you’ll find it in one of these bases.

If you have any questions about these or any of the adjustable bases we sell, don’t hesitate to reach out to us over the phone or through email at

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