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Bedplanet Our favorite tilting adjustable bases

Our Favorite Tilting Adjustable Bases

As a dedicated side sleeper, I never thought adjustable bases were suitable for me. The curvature in the middle would scrunch me up uncomfortably. However, with advancements in adjustable base technology, tilting features have revolutionized the market, offering new possibilities for a restful sleep experience.

Tilting, whether through elevation or inversion, has become a sought-after feature in adjustable bases. It allows users to position their beds in a way that benefits individuals suffering from heartburn, GERD, snoring, congestion due to colds, and even side sleepers. This innovative tilt functionality has made adjustable bases more accessible and taken the comfort level to new heights.

Let's explore our two top picks for tilting adjustable bases in 2023, each with its own unique qualities that cater to different needs.

Ergo-Pedic iTilt Incline Therapy Adjustable Bed:

Designed specifically to address the needs of individuals with heartburn, GERD, and related conditions, the Ergo-Pedic iTilt Incline Therapy Adjustable Bed offers a unique tilting feature through elevation and inversion. This adjustable base has an incline tilt up to 12 degrees, allowing users to sleep in an elevated position that effectively reduces acid reflux, GERD and digestive issues. Additionally, the bases elevation position aids in improving circulation, reducing snoring, and relieving congestion. The remote control that comes with the iTilt adjustable base has a robust selection of features, including one-touch Zero Gravity, back-light upon picking it up, TV position preset, anti-snore preset as well as two separate user presets that you can customize. There is even a soothing massage feature built into the adjustable base. The perfect addition to get you to sleep quickly. With its versatility and therapeutic benefits, the Ergo-Pedic iTilt is an excellent choice for those seeking relief from specific conditions.

Reverie R650 Dual Tilt Adjustable Power Bed:

On the other hand, the Reverie R650 Dual Tilt Adjustable Power Bed provides a contrasting approach to tilting functionality. This adjustable bed boasts dual tilt technology, enabling both elevation and inversion. The head incline function offers elevation of up to 8 degrees, effectively reducing acid reflux and heartburn. On the other hand, the inversion feature promotes healthy blood flow and reduces leg swelling. The Reverie R650 also features a zero-gravity setting, which enhances sleep quality and helps minimize snoring. Its customizable incline angles are particularly beneficial for side sleepers, as they alleviate pressure points, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating slumber. The Reverie R650 also offers soothing massage sleep enhancements as well as an anti-snore preset on its back-lit remote.

If you have any questions about these tilting adjustable bases or any other models that may suit your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone or online at Our team is dedicated to assisting you and finding the perfect adjustable base to enhance your sleep experience.

For further guidance on choosing the right adjustable base, we invite you to explore our comprehensive Adjustable Base Buying Guide.

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