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Introducing the Glideaway Motion Series

Introducing the Glideaway Motion Series

From Tricked Out to Just the Essentials

Glideaway Adjustable Bases are some of the best on the market. They offer a full range of positions, allowing you, and a partner, to create the best sleeping position for your personal preferences. Each Glideaway base is loaded with safety features to ensure it works for you at all times. With so many diverse options in this new lineup, it shouldn’t be hard to find a Glideaway adjustable bed that’s perfect for you.

Let’s take a look at each of the bases in the lineup starting with the Motion 600.

Glideaway Motion 600 Adjustable Base

The Glideaway Motion 600 adjustable base offers a full range of positions, including neck tilt, as well as Sleep Enhancement Massage and under-bed lighting. You’ll also find Bluetooth so that you can control the bed through the Glideaway Motion App (available for both Apple and Android devices). Plus, you’ll get industry-standard features like zero gravity and anti-snore positions, two programmable memory positions, and a platform-friendly design.
You'll also be able to position your head to the perfect degree for ultimate support while you read, work, or watch TV in bed with the neck tilt that inclines up to 30 degrees.

This base also features Sleep Enhancement Massage, which uses a single vibe motor in the mid-back area for an even Total Body Vibration Massage. You'll also see:

  • German-Engineered Motor
  • Under-Bed Lighting
  • An Optional Elevation Kit for tilt capabilities


Glideaway Motion 500 Adjustable Base

The Glideaway Motion 500 is very similar to the Motion 600 and offers similar features. Let’s take a peek. 

The Motion 500 features options to adjust both the head and foot of the base, creating the perfect combination for your needs, which also offers the two preset positions of Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore. The base also offers the Sleep Enhancement Massage, Bluetooth with the Glideaway Motion App, and is also platform-friendly.

Again, you'll also find:

  • German-Engineered Motor
  • Under-bed Lighting
  • Optional Elevation Kit

Glideaway Motion 400 Adjustable Base

The Glideaway Motion 400 features a full range of positions to make your sleep experience even better. It's Bluetooth compatible with the hub available as an add-on, and it can be controlled with the Glideaway App. The backlit wireless remote allows you to easily adjust zero gravity and anti-snore positions with the programmed presets. Plus, it offers two programmable memory positions. The 400 is platform-friendly and comes in a clamshell hinged design for easy transportation and shipping.

With this base, the Bluetooth is optional and it doesn't pair with the Elevation Kit. However, the same tough German design and construction is still present.

Glideaway Basic 200 Adjustable Base

The Glideaway Basic 200 adjustable bed features a full range of motion and is perfect for sleeping, reading, and watching TV. There is a programmable memory position and a wireless remote. This base is also platform-friendly.

The Basic 200 is controllable by a Wireless Ergonomic Remote Control with one programmable button and a one-touch flat pre-programmed position. It also still offers that strong construction, without all the extra features of the high-end model.

If you’re interested in this line of adjustable bases you can look at all their product pages for more information, and if you have any questions we’d be glad to help. You can reach out over the phone or through email at We know that sleep is important to you, and it's crucial to us. Allow us to help you find the perfect adjustable base for your needs so that each and every night is the best night of sleep.

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