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Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair

$2,995.00 $4,873.00

Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair
Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair

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Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair

The Osaki TP-8500 massage chair is the latest release from Osaki massage chairs. Get the most out of your massage with the L-track massage system and experience a new level of full body massage. This massage chair is available in three colors, brown, black, and cream and has a couple of new innovations that make it a unique chair in the Osaki line up. Learn more about the massage chair below and see if it is the right one for you.

S-Track / L-Track Combination Massage System

The massage track of the Osaki TP-8500 massage chair is designed to provide much better ergonomic support to your lumbar and neck while increasing the surface area of the overall back massage experience. The massage track is much longer and extends all the way down to the upper thigh.

Space-Saving Technology

Many massage chairs, (especially around this price range) can take up to 2.5 ft behind the chair to fully recline. The Osaki TP-8500 massage chair is outfitted with space-saving technology that only requires 4" behind the massage chair to fully recline. This means you can put it in almost any space in your home without having to worry too much about how close to the wall it is.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is an important feature that complements almost every aspect of your massage experience. As you recline back your legs are raised to the level of your heart which removes gravity's influence from your joints and spine which in turn allows them to decompress and relax the surrounding muscles. This has a significant effect on your massage experience as it ensures you get the maximum benefit possible from your back massage.

Foot Massage Rollers

Massage rollers have been placed in the footrest to apply a kneading style massage to the sole of your foot. This massage targets acupoints and creates reflexology benefits throughout your foot and your entire body. If you do not like foot massages you can easily turn this feature off from the remote.

Heat Therapy

Heat is a great way to loosen up muscles and improve the overall benefit you receive from your massage experience. Two heating pads are located in the lower lumbar area of the backrest that applies gentle heat therapy to your lower back. This helps to loosen up the large muscle groups in the area and to soothe lower back pain.

Airbag Massage System

Throughout the massage chair, there are high-quality airbags that are designed to apply a relaxing compression massage to your entire body from shoulder to feet. These airbags inflate and squeeze the muscles to relieve tension and promote circulation in your limbs.

Body Scanning Technology

Every modern massage chair has some form of body scanning technology. This feature ensures that your massage experience is tailored to your unique size and shape with every use. When you first start a massage program, the massage rollers glide up your back and record your unique size, shape, the height of your shoulders, and curvature of your spine so it can apply even pressure throughout your back instead of making guesses.

Quick Controls & USB Charger

Within convenient reach, you have quick controls that allow you to control the recline and position of the massage chair. There is also a USB charging port so you can connect your mobile device and charge it while enjoying your massage.

6 Massage Techniques

The Osaki TP-8500 massage chair offers 6 massage techniques that it uses within the massage programs. These techniques are Kneading, Shiatsu, Flap, Kneading & Flap, Knocking, and Tapping. Each of these is focused on in different parts of the included massage routines.

5 Massage Programs

The Osaki TP-8500 massage chair includes 5 pre-programmed massage routines, these are called Ache/Relieve, Comfort, Relax, Upper Body, and Lower Body. Each program provides relief with a focus on a different section of your body.

Titan TP-8500 Massage Chair
Warranty Options

FREE Manufacturer’s Warranty

Titan offers a 3 year limited warranty that covers parts and labor for the first year. The 1st year also includes in-home service, where a qualified technician will come out to your home and make any necessary repairs without you having to transport your chair to an authorized repair facility. The 2nd and 3rd year, the manufacturer's warranty only covers parts.

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Optional Guardian 5-Year Extended Warranty

BedPlanet.Com offers an optional 5-year extended warranty package that covers parts and labor for a full 5 years with included in-home service. Go above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment. This is easily the best value when it comes to your warranty options.

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TP-8500 Pro Jupiter XL TP-Pro 8400
Price $2,995.00 $4,299.00 $2,495.00
Color Options Black, Brown, Cream Black, Brown, Beige Black, Brown, Cream
Massage Track S + L-Track L-Track L-Track
Massage Track Length 53" 53" 50"
Space Saving Yes Yes Yes
Intensity Strong Medium-Strong Strong
Back Roller Type 2D 3D 2D
Roller Width Adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Intensity Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Speed Yes Yes Yes
Auto Pre-Programs 5 10 6
Manual Techniques 6 5 5
Zero Gravity Yes Yes Yes
Heat Yes Yes Yes
Stretch Function Yes Yes Yes
Foot Massage Yes (rollers + airbags) Yes (rollers + airbags) Yes (rollers + airbags)
Calf Massage Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags)
Hip/Waist Air Bag Massage Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) No
Upper Arm-Shoulder Massage Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags)
Arm Massage Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags) Yes (airbags)
Neck-Head Massage Yes Yes (Head-airbags) Yes
Spot Massage Yes Yes Yes
Deep Tissue Yes Yes Yes
Body Scan Yes Yes Yes
Inversion Therapy No No No
Chromotherapy No No No
Vibration No No No
User Memory Yes No No
Control With Mobile App No No No
Timer 10-20 Min 5-30 Min 10-20 Min
Pause Function No Yes No
Leg Length Adjustment Spring Loaded Spring Loaded Spring Loaded
Remote Yes, Wired Yes, Wired Yes, Wired
Rocking Technology No No No
Number of Airbags 36 44 26
Bluetooth Speakers No Yes No
Suggested User Height -- 4'10" - 6'6" 4'10" - 6'5"
Max User Weight 260lbs 270lbs 265lbs
Dimensions Upright (L x W x H) 58.3" x 35.4" x 48" 44" x 31.5" x 42" 48"L x 31"W x 44"H
Dimensions Reclined (L x W x H) 74.8" x 35.4" x 45.3" 66" x 31.5" x 32" 48"L x 31"W x 44"H
Chair Weight 300lbs 274lbs 234lbs
Manufacturer Origin China China China
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