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Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair


Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair
Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

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Titan Pro-Executive Massage Chair

This product has been discontinued.

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One of the newest massage chair models from Titan is the new Titan Pro-Executive massage chair. This zero gravity heated massage recliner is designed to provide one of the most comprehensive massages from head to toe with its inclusion of the new 3D foot massage technology. Take a look at the features below and see if the Titan Pro-Executive massage chair fits your preferences.


3D Massage Roller Technology

-For those looking for a deep tissue massage, the Titan Pro-Executive massage chair is a 3D massage chair, which means the heads of the massage roller are able to protrude from the track an additional 10cm to massage deep into your back, and reach areas that normally would go without including parts of the shoulder and high up on the neck. If you don't like deep tissue massages, you can easily turn the 3D protrusion down from the remote.

zero gravity

Two-Stage Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is now a staple in modern massage chairs due to its incredible benefits to every aspect of your massage. When you choose the zero gravity position you are reclined back and with your legs raised to the level of your heart. This position takes the pressure off of your joints and spine so they can decompress and relax the surrounding muscles. This position also centers the majority of your body weight on the backrest so your back massage intensity is improved without the massage chair having to work any harder.


Bluetooth Technology

The Titan Pro-Executive massage chair includes Bluetooth connectivity so you can sync your mobile device and play your favorite music through the integrated speakers. You can also download the Titan mobile app and control your massage chair directly from your smartphone. NOTE: At the time of this writing the Titan Pro-Executive massage chair's app has not been released. You are able to use the mobile app from the Apex AP-Pro lotus to control the massage chair as well, until the release of the Executive specific mobile app.

shoulder masssage

Adjustable Shoulder Massagers

Shoulder massagers can be an issue for users with broader shoulders. That is why the shoulder massagers on the Titan executive massage chair are adjustable. If they don't fit you correctly or you just don't want to include them in your massage experience, you can simply rotate them back to get a better fit or remove them from your massage completely.


Heat Therapy

Heat is an important part of any truly relaxing massage. Heating elements in the lower back provide gentle heat therapy to your lumbar area to help loosen up the large muscle groups in the area that often cause lower back pain.

arm Airbags

3D Foot Massage

Exclusive to the Titan Pro-Executive massage chair, the 3D foot massage is by far the most comprehensive foot massage you will ever receive from a massage chair. Massage rollers are located in the sole of the foot, in the back of the heel, and on top of the toes. The 3D massage doesn't feature the standard open design, so it only comfortably fits feet up to size 14.


Ergonomic Armrests Linked to Backrest

As you recline or change the position of the backrest during your massage session in the Titan Executive massage chair, your arms massagers will recline with you so that you don't lose any of your arm massage. Without this feature, your arm massage starts to disappear as you recline since the arm massagers are staying stationary.

Massage Styles

Computer Body Scanning

One of the most important features of this Titan massage chair is its computer body scanning feature. When you first start a massage routine the massage rollers will map the unique curves of your spine and the height of your shoulders so that no part of your massage is wasted on areas that won't benefit you.


Air Compression Massage - 61 Airbags

61 airbags have been strategically placed throughout the massage chair to provide relief to your entire body. These airbags inflate to squeeze your muscles and provide relief with a compression massage that brings your massage experience into a full-body experience. Airbags are located in the arms, Hip, Seat, Calf, Foot, and Back.

Back Pain

Back Twist Feature

Airbags in the back and hip are designed to grab you and twist your hips and back to provide a stretch massage to those areas of the back and core that might go without a massage.

Leg Extension

Leg Extension for Taller Users

The leg rest of the Titan Pro-Executive massage chair is designed as two sections on a steel track that allow for much longer extension making this massage chair perfect for users up to 6'5" in height.

Massage Styles

Comprehensive Remote

The remote provides quick and easy access to everything you need to get your massage started and adjusted perfectly much faster. The layout is very simple and easy to follow within a few seconds of sitting down.



This zero gravity heated massage chair features 6 automatic massage programs to choose from are Time, Fine, Relax, Stiffness, Air Pressure, and Waist Stretch. The Executive's remote also has three memory settings that allow you to save your body scan and personal adjustments to the massage chair for future use. If you liked a particular massage routine and its configuration, just push one of the memory buttons when your massage is over to save those settings for next time!


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