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Osaki OS-PRO Omni Massage Chair

by Osaki
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Osaki OS-Pro Omni Massage Chair

  • L-Track Massage Technology
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity
  • Foot Roller & Calf Massage
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Heating System

The Osaki OS-Pro Omni massage chair features a 50" L-Track massage roller with 2-stage zero gravity recline positions. The intuitive massage rollers will expertly map your back to follow the curvature of your spine and around the glutes to hit the top of your hamstrings. The Os-Pro Omni lets you pick from many different intensity levels and is suitable for people up to 6'2" tall and 245 pounds.

Osaki Omni Massage Chair Features


L-Track Massage Technology

The Osaki OS-Pro Omni features L-track technology giving you a full massage experience. The L-Track gives the chair the ability to massage from your neck all the way down to your glutes, covering an additional 50% of your body. When activating the chair, it will initiate an auto body scan measuring the key areas of the back including the height of the user. This allows for Osaki's luxury massage chair to deliver a highly effective massage with consistent pressure throughout the course of the pre-set program. Before the body scan starts it is recommended that you comfortably position yourself where your back is completely pressed against the backrest for an accurate reading.


2 Stage Zero Gravity

The purpose of zero gravity design is to get the lower half of your body aligned with your heart. This releases tension and creates an optimal level of comfort. The weight of your body then resides on the backrest of the chair. Allowing your body to fully experience the massage that is about to begin. Two stages of zero gravity occur on the Omni, the first stage puts the body in the ultimate relaxation position. Whereas the 2nd stage reclines further to place your legs above the heart for optimal circulation.


Foot Roller & Calf Massage

A spinning reflexology massager is located on the bottom of the footrest and provides a soothing kneading style massage. When the rollers spin it will stimulate acupuncture points and as the air bags inflate it will generate a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet. Airbags are positioned in the leg rest to give you an invigorating calf massage that will complement the work of the spinning foot rollers. The foot rest is adjustable to suit almost any users height.


Space Saving Technology

As this luxury massage chair reclines back, the base slides forward so that when not in use, your massage chair takes up as little space in your home as possible. The Osaki Omni only needs to be 4.7” away from the wall to fully recline. This innovative technology makes deciding where to put your brand new massage chair a much easier feat.


Air Massage

OS-Pro OMNI comes equipped with the next generation of air massage technology, streamlining the air massager to a lower count. Through innovative engineering, they have reduced the total number of airbags, but have increased the volume and surface area of the massage. By doing so the total number of working valves has drastically reduced, ultimately putting less stress on the chair, making it one of the most mechanically sound massage chairs in the market.


Heating System

Heat therapy is the perfect complement to any massage. Located in the lumbar are heating elements that help loosen up the tense muscles in the mid and lower back. This relaxing heat then radiates throughout your back to help you relax and gain a much deeper effect from your massage.


Bluetooth Speakers

Pair your mobile device to your luxury massage chair and enjoy your massage while listening to your favorite music through the high-quality built-in system.


Remote & Auto Massage Program

The OS-Pro OMNI remote has an easy viewing screen that displays the functions the chair has activated. On the remote it allows you to select the massage type, intensity, speed, and location. You can also operate the functions independently in Manual mode.