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Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair


Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair
Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Massage Chair

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Osaki OS-JP Pro Premium 4S

There is an open box model of this chair available. Check it out here!

The best just got better with the brand new Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair. This heated massage recliner is made in Japan and features a whole line-up of new improvements to create a much deeper sense of relaxation and truly deep benefit to your body. Take a look at the features below and see what the new Osaki OS-JP 4S massage chair model can do for you.


Made in Japan

Most massage chairs on the market today are made in China or Taiwan with few exceptions. The Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair is one of the few exceptions. This heated massage recliner is designed and manufactured in Japan and provides significant technological advances over many of the current Chinese made models, check out the features below and see what the JP Premium 4s massage chair has to offer you.

3D Massage Roller

The Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair has a 3D massage roller on a 31" S-shaped massage track to provide relief to your back. 3D massage rollers are ideal for deep tissue massages as the massage heads are able to protrude from the track and massage deeper into your muscles.

31" S-Shaped Track

The 31" S-shaped massage track is designed to more accurately mimic the curvature of the human spine. This ensures your massage is uniform from your lower back all the way up to your upper shoulder area.

Elaborate Kneading Modes

The 2 rolling ball massaging mechanism is adept at recreating the hand motion of a kneading massage. Combine the two massaging ball mechanism with 3d massage technology and you have a wide range of adjustment that can be made to your kneading massage.

3 Width Adjustments & 4 Roller Speed Adjustments

Among the many changes you can make to your massage experience, you have the choice between 3 different width adjustments, and 4 massage roller speed adjustments to ensure you get the massage that is perfect for you and suits not only your size but also your preferences.

Double Sensing Body Scan

The body scanning of this massage chair is much more advanced than previous generations of massage chairs. This technology is capable of detecting your shoulders as well as your shoulder blades to it can spend time massaging the muscles that carry the majority of your tension rather than the bony parts of your shoulder blades.

Heat Therapy

The Osaki JP Premium 4S heated massage recliner provides heat therapy to the lumbar area of the backrest as well as in the footrest to help loosen up tense muscles and allow them to receive a much more significant benefit from your massage experience.

Triple Mode Air Compression Massage

The airbag system for the JP 4S massage chair provides extra benefit to your body by inflating the airbags in a specific way to have a much larger effect on your body in the form of improving your circulation. Take a look at the graphic below and see the different modes the airbags use to inflate to improve your massage experience. Hand-Knead mode keeps massage pressure on your body and presses carefully to help relieve muscles. Pulse Mode supports the blood circulation by a quick press and releases routine throughout your extremities. Normal Mode is more what most massage chairs offer, a gentle squeeze and release to provide relief. Hands & Arms Massage is unique to this massage chair. Within the side panels of the JP 4S massage chair, you can slide your arms in specific sections and receive your arm massage in this fashion. The shoulder massage of the JP 4S Massage chair works with the backrest massage to make your upper body massage experience much more relaxing and beneficial. Airbags in this section of the massage chair work with the backrest massage to help improve your lower back massage. Airbags in waist and area help to grab you and provide the basis for the stretch functions of the chair. Airbags throughout the unique ottoman provide a compression massage using one of the three modes to provide relief to your lower body. These airbags also force your feet down on acupressure balls located in the footrest in an effort to give you a relaxing foot massage that massages your whole foot.

Touch Panel Remote

The remote for the JP Premium 4S Massage chair is a full-color touch screen remote that offers quick and easy access to all of the different features and adjustments to your massage. Choose your favorite massage program, change your positions and relax and enjoy.

13 Massage Programs

The Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair has 13 different massage programs that provide much different massage experiences. They also vary in default time. You have 4 30 minute programs that provide much deeper relief. 4 16 minute programs that focus on particular sections of the body and stretching muscles. and 5 7 minute programs designed to help with typical problem areas such as the neck and shoulders. These four 30-minute massage programs include VIP, Sommelier, Slow Stretch, and Air Relaxation. Four 16-Minute Massage Programs include Whole Body, Neck and Shoulders, Waist Program and Stretch Program. 5-7 Minute Massage Programs include Neck Focus, Shoulder Focus, Shoulder Blade Focus, Waist Focus, and Sciatic Focus.

Full Power Recline

The Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair features a fully powered recline, which means you can easily change your position at the push of a button without having to put forth the effort to change the position of your massage chair to a more comfortable one for you.

Stretching Programs

The airbags throughout the massage chair are used within these programs to grab you and hold certain sections of your body in place so that the chair can recline or lower the footrest to help you stretch areas of your body that the back massage roller will never reach.

Extendable Ottoman

The Osaki OS-JP Massage Chair's ottoman features a unique extension that allows it to cater to much taller users while ensuring the airbags in the leg rest still apply their massage to the correct areas.

Acupressure Balls for the Soles of your Feet

Many massage chairs have massage rollers or a plate that has nodules that massage the sole of your foot. The JP Premium 4S Massage chair features acupressure balls that are designed to target acupressure points throughout the sole of your foot and provide deep relief.

Removable Back Pad & Pillow

For those that prefer a deeper massage, you can remove the back pillow to put as little as possible between you and your back so the massage rollers can massage deeply into your muscles and provide the maximum amount of relief.


You can find the Osaki OS-JP Premium 4S Massage Chair User's Manual here.

Osaki Product Manufacturer’s Warranty

Osaki offers a 3 year limited warranty that covers parts and labor for the first year. The 1st year also includes in-home service, where a qualified technician will come out to your home and make any necessary repairs without you having to transport your chair to an authorized repair facility. The 2nd and 3rd year, the manufacturer's warranty only covers parts.

Optional 5-Year Extended Warranty

Bedplanet.Com offers an optional 5-year extended warranty package that covers parts and labor for a full 5 years with included in-home service. Go above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment. This is easily the best value when it comes to your warranty options.


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