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Inada Classic Massage Chair


Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair
Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair Dreamwave Classic Massage Chair
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Inada Massage Chair

There is an open box model of this chair available. Check it out here!

The Inada massage chair is the product of strict attention to detail throughout years of testing and research. The manufacturers proceeded to upgraded and enhance many aspects of the chair. Once you relax into the Inada it will envelop your entire body and maximize your relaxation throughout the massage experience.


Body Scanning

Body Scanning Technology

Patented Shiatsu point locator technology will scan your body to determine exactly how you are positioned in the chair. This will happen every time you sit in the Inada massage chair and ensure that the massage is designed for your specific back profile. The Inada massage chair has over 1,200 square inches of coverage.

Massage Programs

Massage Programs

16 Pre-programmed massages will make it easy to jump in the Inada massage chair and get a program started right away. Youth session delivers a gentler massage experience for children over 5 feet tall. The deep relaxation setting focuses on your core with slow, methodical movements that create a hypnotically calming massage.

Dreamwave Manual Mode

Manual Mode

18 manual massage types give you the ability to create more than 1,000 manual massage combinations. The manual mode will ensure that you get the exact type of massage that you are looking for.


Heat Therapy

Lumbar and seat heating is available for added relaxation and comfort. When you add heat to a massage it enhances the experience immensely. Heating will cause your muscles to relax, which will then allow them to fully embrace the massage experience that is occurring.

Upper Body

Full Upper Body Massage

A shiatsu massage will cover your neck, shoulders arms and hands. The right amount of pressure and motion will be applied to your upper body, relaxing the areas where we tend to carry most of our stress.

Lower Body

Lower Body Massage

Gentle encompassing air cells will provide rhythmic compression to your calf and foot. Your hips and thighs will receive attention from inward and outward swing motion. The seat moves in a figure eight with the pelvis firmly held by the side air cells to deliver further relaxation after the massage.

Arm Massage

Full Arm massage Function

Experience a gentle kneading massage with your arms and shoulders wrapped in adjustable side body units, this allows the chair’s width to be adjusted to fit every body size. This is an extremely important feature that will allow many different body shapes to all get an amazing massage. Twenty air cells work on the upper arm, forearm and fingertips, providing thorough kneading from shoulder joints to fingertips. Inada is one of the first massage chairs companies to feature a full arm massage.



The handheld remote was created to fit comfortably in your hand. Commonly used buttons are featured at the top of the remote, allowing for quick access. More buttons are accessible underneath the lower half of the remote.



You can find the Inada Classic Massage Chair User's Manual here.


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