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What Is the Right Mattress For Your Adjustable Base?


The new trend in home furnishings has to do more with comfort and well being than with luxury. One room in the home that this takes precedence is in the bedroom. People are now purchasing adjustable beds for their beds as the popularity of this technology is growing by leaps-and-bounds. It is not only people who have health problems buying adjustable bases, healthy individuals and couples love the functionality. You are able to sit up better to read a good book or watch television with ease or just raise the legs up of the adjustable base to better support your lower body. Whatever makes you the most comfortable is why adjustable bases are, so the fashion statement.

It is important to realize that most of the time you will not receive a mattress with the adjustable base, so knowing the type of mattress to buy to combine with an adjustable base is essential. Here is what you are looking for:

You want to stay away from interlaced coil mattresses, air mattresses, and very firm mattresses because they are not very flexible and do not move properly with the adjustable bases.

Why you want to stick to latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, individually wrapped coil mattresses, and hybrid mattresses are because of the flexibility, thickness, and durability offered.

Flexibility: A mattress must be able to bend 45 degrees and be able to keep its position and still recover to its original shape without damage.

Thickness: The best thickness of the mattress for an adjustable base is 10", so the mattress can bend and flex when the base is in motion while it continues to offer the proper support to the user. If the mattress is 12-14" in thickness you run the risk of limiting its flexibility.

Durability: The mattress chosen for your adjustable base must have the ability to be adjusted several times throughout its lifetime, this is crucial to the longevity of the mattress.

When you have chosen your mattress style and the adjustable base design, the final step is to make sure the sizes are compatible. Once this is all taken care of you will enjoy many years of comfortable and healthy night's sleep.