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What a Firm Mattress Can Do For You

firm mattresses

Your preferred comfort level is by far one of the most important parts to finding the perfect mattress for you. For those who sleep on their back, or their stomach a firm mattress will definitely be a good place to start. The deep down solid feeling is a great way to ensure that your spine stays in the optimal alignment so that you can sleep deeply, and stay asleep for longer. There is always some trepidation for mattress shoppers who aren't sure what their mattress comfort level is. Will they miss out on their softer plush comfort if they get a firm mattress? There are varying levels of firmness, and within the Sealy Posturepedic catalog, there is definitely something for everyone.

Do you like firm mattresses?

Chances are if you sleep on your back, or your stomach a firm mattress is the ideal mattress for you. With adequate support, this comfort level will ensure that your spine is aligned in the optimal position without any uncomfortable bends. Side sleepers might run into a little too much pressure on their shoulders and hips, but everyone is different.

Common Myth about Firm Mattresses

One common misconception that is still out there is that firm mattresses provide better support than plush mattresses. This is not always the case. Most mattress manufacturers use the same innerspring coil system within all comfort levels of a mattress collection. So a firm and plush mattress within the same collection should provide you with the same level of support, just with different comfort levels.

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