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Wall Hugging Technology


The idea of an adjustable bed having the feature known as wall hugging technology, or wall snuggler technology, or wall hugger technology, comes from Leggett & Platt, Reverie, and Sealy manufacturers. The original adjustable beds would raise the head up, but you would end up at an uncomfortable distance from your nightstand. The three designers discovered that by having the base of the adjustable bed move toward the top of the bed when you raise the head up, you would not lose any distance from your nightstand.

An example of this problem, when adjustable beds were used in hospitals during the early 1900s, patients could no longer reach their personal items on the table next to the hospital bed, when their heads were raised. The answer to alleviate this problem was to have a table on wheels that could move across the patient's bed, so water, food, and other personal items could be easy to reach.

Leggett & Platt, Reverie, and Sealy manufacturers created the wall hugging function, so no matter what height the head is, you will always be able to lean over to reach items on your nightstand. It is also important to note, while the head is in motion, whether raised or lowered, the base moves in tandem, so there is never any need to worry about damage being caused to your wall or headboard.