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Top 4 Sealy Starter Mattresses for 2021

Whether You’re on a Budget or You’re Furnishing Your First College Apartment, These Mattresses can Get You Started Right

The Sealy Crown Jewel mattress collection offers exceptional value while keeping a high standard of quality. The mattresses are built with traditional innerspring technology that is sure to give you the best bang for your buck.

These can be the perfect option when you're starting out, moving to your first apartment, or need to set your kid up for college. Your basic entry-level mattress just got better.

Sealy® Crown Jewel Euro Top Plush Scallop Pearl

At the lowest rung, the Sealy® Crown Jewel EuroTop Plush Scallop Pearl Mattress gives you a quality foam mattress at a very affordable price. The 12" mattress is wrapped in a soft knit fabric that surrounds the Sealy® Comfort Foam. A Sealy® classic coil system that has been double-tempered for durability provides the core support, while the edge of the Sealy® Euro pillowtop mattress uses the impressive Solid Edge Premier System to create a strong seating edge and gives you even more sleeping surface.

Sealy® Crown Jewel Performance Plush Euro Pillowtop Cherry Opal

The Sealy® Crown Jewel Performance Plush Euro Pillowtop Cherry Opal Mattress is another notch up and offers top-notch quality in an affordable foam mattress. The 14" mattress is also uses the soft knit fabric around the Sealy® Comfort Foam. Plus, you’ll again find Sealy's Stability Plus Coil system, which is extremely strong and durable while still super-light. Encased coils provide targeted support in all the places your body needs it the most. You’ll also find that impressive Stable Edge Premier System that reinforces the seating edge of the mattress and gives you more sleeping surface. Here, you’ll also find vertical side handles to help you with positioning your Sealy® Crown Jewel Performance mattress on your box spring, platform, or base.

Sealy® Crown Jewel Performance Plush Geneva Ruby

To kick it up another notch, the Sealy® Crown Jewel Performance Plush Geneva Ruby Mattress offers top-notch quality in an affordable foam mattress. The Sealy Geneva Ruby mattress sits at 14.5 inches and again you’ll find the knit fabric and Sealy® Comfort Foam. To increase comfort, in this mattress you’ll find a Stability Plus Coil system that is extremely strong and durable and encased coils establish to targeted support where you need it the most. You’ll also see that the edge of the Sealy Geneva Ruby mattress now includes the impressive DuraFlex Edge Support- a high-density, flexible coil border surrounding the mattress for better edge support, more usable sleeping surface, and improved durability. This mattress also includes the vertical handles.

Sealy® Crown Jewel Premium  Plush Crown Estate

The Sealy® Crown Jewel mattress collection utilizes many variations of foam. In this top-tier mattress in the Crown Jewel line, multiple layers of foam are included to create total comfort for you throughout the night. The result of all these layers is the quality and support that you expect from Sealy, while still maintaining a price you can afford. The Sealy® Crown Jewel Premium Plush Crown Estate mattress also features zoned support. Zoned support ensures that you get support where you need it most. The center third of the mattress has been reinforced, which helps keeps your spine in proper alignment for a more comfortable night of sleep.


Mattress Quilt Layer
  • Mid-loft Knit Cover with Cooling and AllergenProtect™
  • FlameGuard™ Fiber
  • .5"SealyComfort Gel Memory Foam
  • 1.5" x .5" SealyComfort Soft Foam
  • CoreSupport Center with 0.5" SealyComfort Gel Foam
Mattress Comfort Layers
  • 3" SealySupport Soft Foam
  • 1.5" SealySupport Soft Foam
  • .5" SealyComfort Gel Memory Foam
Mattress Height
  • 15.5" NOTE: Sealy® mattresses can vary by .75" in height, length, and width.
Mattress Construction
  • Sealy StabilityPlus™ Coil 
  • 1" SealySupport Firm Foam
  • DuraFlex™ Edge
  • 4 Vertical Handles

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