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Titan TI-7700R Massage Chair Review

Titan TI-7700R Massage Chair


The Titan TI-7700R Massage Chair allows you to focus on a more personalized massage. A new L-track system creates a relaxing back massage that will leave you walking away relaxed.


When you first sit in the Titan TI-7700R it is pretty hard to hide that this is a massage chair. With many new models on the market masterfully disguising their chairs as regular furniture, this is a glaring fact. The chair is cosmetically nice to look at, but there is no mistaking that it is a standard massage chair.



After you have selected your program a body scan begins. This is a fairly quick process, so no long wait to get into your massage. Upon completion of the scan the massage begins. The TI-7700R is not as intense as other chairs, but that can come as a good thing to casual users. The massage goes all the way from the head down to the middle of the seat, a lot further than many chairs tend to go. This chair has many programs to choose from and you can easily customize the experience to the exact type of massage you are in the mood for.



 There isn’t much to say in regards to extremely good or bad about the TI-7700R. It is a nice chair that will satisfy anyone that is sitting in it. With so many other chairs on the market it can be easy to point out what it doesn’t do versus embracing what it does so well. It will give you a full body massage from head to toe. The Titan TI-7700R is the perfect chair for the low end price point.

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