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Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt Mattress Review

About Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Several people are curious about the advantages of memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses but are reluctant to make the jump to an all-foam mattress. With a brand like Tempur-Pedic, this doesn't need to be a concern. 

Tempur-Pedic has been ranked by JP Power & Associates as #1 in Customer Satisfaction with retail mattresses in 2019 and was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame "for improving life on Earth through innovations developed for space." These mattresses have been designed to offer supreme support while providing cushioning that doesn't transfer movement.

We have a wide selection of Tempur-Pedic Mattresses, so you're sure to find one that meets your requirements.

The 2019 Tempur-Pedic line was created by listening to thousands of mattress consumers who were yearning for simplification, consistency, and authenticity in the buying process. TEMPUR-Luxe Adapt has been designed using sleep-transforming benefits with a conforming feel. Maximum pressure-relieving power is delivered throughout the ultimate luxurious mattress. Superior motion cancellation is achieved using one-of-a-kind technology. 

Groundbreaking new material intuitively adapts to your unique body shape creating ultra conforming comfort. The approach to update the Tempur line was to put the consumer first. Each model communicates a simple and compelling value proposition, with purposeful benefits designed to help you find the mattress that’s right for your body. You can feel comfortable that you are able to buy an industry-leading innovative mattress that is going to allow you to sleep easy night after night. Scroll below the products to see more information.

The impressive concepts that started it all, has been redesigned for today. Two layers of premium TEMPUR Technology will continually adapt and conform to your body’s changing needs throughout the night. Hundreds of combinations are tested until they achieve the mattress that will give you the sleep experience you want. Tempur-LuxeAdapt relieves pressure while reducing motion transfer and relaxing you while you sleep.

Many people are curious about the benefits of memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses but are hesitant to make make the jump to an all-foam mattress. With a brand like Tempur, this doesn't need to be a concern.

Tempur-Pedic has bee ranked by JP Power & Associates as #1 in Customer Satisfaction with retail mattresses in 2019 and was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame "for improving life on Earth through innovations developed for space." These mattresses have been crafted to provide incredible support while offering cushioning that doesn't transfer movement.

Great Things Happen With Extraordinary Sleep

Features of the Tempur-Pedic Breeze Mattresses

Tempur Reinvented

Tempur-Pedic has designed a new series that is more innovative and responsive than ever. Rigorous testing has been paired with thoughtful design to surpass standards that didn’t even exist until Tempur-Pedic created them 25 years ago. They do not look at the materials as just memory foam and rather create an advanced combination of materials that adapt and respond to your body’s unique needs. Their goal is to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up to seize the day. This sleep is innovation. This sleep is power. This sleep is Tempur-Pedic.

Tempur Memory Foam for Support

The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt™ is the ultimate TEMPUR® experience. Maximum pressure-relieving power. Superior motion cancellation. One-of-a-kind cooling technology. All combined with our groundbreaking new material which intuitively adapts to your unique body in ultra-conforming comfort. Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer. And experience total relaxation from the moment you lie down to the moment you rise. Luxuriously elevated for the ultimate TEMPUR® experience. It is available in firm or soft.

Cool-to-the-Touch Washable, Cover

To make daily maintenance and cleaning easier, Tempur-Pedic Adapt mattresses now come with a zip-off, washable cover that feels cool when you first lie down. Next-generation technology featuring a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer and super-stretch inner layer for convenience and comfort. Removable and machine-washable. Crafted from ultra-high-molecular-weight yarn, it moves heat away from your body. A sleek 360-degree zipper makes for easy on and off.

Pressure-Relieving Design for All Sleepers

Tempur-Pedic memory foam is designed to be so comfortable and supportive that every type of sleeper, back, stomach, or side, will be able to enjoy the best night of sleep possible.

Sturdy & Soft

This mattress has a 12” profile, offers a gel foam top layer, the Tempur-ES® Comfort Layer, and a core of Tempur material support, both of which have been treated with antimicrobial elements. The enhanced Tempur-APR+ layer is exclusive to the LuxeAdapt. It delivers all the pressure relief of original APR with a tighter, more advanced cell structure for ultra-conforming comfort. This is our most advanced material and gives ultra-conforming comfort for total relaxation.

Made in the USA

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses are proudly made right here in the USA.

About the LuxeAdapt

The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt™ is the ultimate TEMPUR® experience. Maximum pressure-relieving power. Superior motion cancellation. One-of-a-kind cooling technology. All combined with our groundbreaking new material which intuitively adapts to your unique body in ultra-conforming comfort. Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer. And experience total relaxation from the moment you lie down to the moment you rise. Luxuriously elevated for the ultimate TEMPUR® experience. It has been treated with antimicrobial elements.

There are both soft and firm mattress options available.

LuxeAdapt Features

  1. SmartClimate® Dual Cover System- Next-generation technology featuring a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer, and super-stretch inner layer for convenience and comfort. Removable and machine-washable. Crafted from ultra-high-molecular-weight yarn, it moves heat away from your body. A sleek 360-degree zipper makes for easy on and off.
  2. TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer- Tighter, slightly rougher cell structure of TEMPURES® creates a softer feel that works in combination with other layers to support and relax. Plus, a High-Stretch Performance Panel designed to be lightweight, breathable, and to enhance the pressure-relieving power of your mattress.
  3. TEMPUR-APR+™ Support Layer- Delivers all the pressure relief of original APR with a tighter, more advanced cell structure for ultra-conforming comfort. This is our most advanced material and gives ultra-conforming comfort for total relaxation.

What People Are Saying

The LuxeAdapt comes with quite a few positive reviews for both models, the medium and medium hybrid. These options provide a great choice for those who sleep on their backs, sides, and stomachs. When you’re hesitant to make a switch to all-foam or if you need the spring-feel that a traditional mattress provides, the medium hybrid is an excellent option. The medium-feel also makes it a great option for a couple who sleep in different styles, those who change positions often, or those who need that balance between firm and soft.

Let’s take a look at what customers had to say about the firm.

Southern Sleeper reviewed the LuxeAdapt Firm on Us-Mattress.Com and said-

“NOW I REMEMBER WHAT REM SLEEP WAS LIKE! Not one to write reviews but read several during my research of this mattress and took them with a grain of salt. We have owned the original Tempur Pedic mattress [...] for years. [...] Finally, I decided to purchase a new mattress. [...] We both had concerns that we may end up with an expensive mattress that was uncomfortable but my lack of sleep pushed me forward. I was about to purchase one of the existing Tempur mattresses when a friend of mine told me to wait a few weeks as they were releasing a new line. The Tempur Lux-Adapt. He said, ‘It's a whole new animal.’ Taking his word I waited the 3-4 more weeks [...]. When the beds arrived at our local furniture[...] store [...] I purchased [...] a king-size [...]. Let me tell you the reviews were right. This mattress is perfect. [...] It’s that comfortable. The Lux-Adapt in firm has just the right amount of compression. You [sink in] about 3-4 inches[...] and then you don’t continue to sink further. I am six feet tall and weigh 175 pounds and my wife is small and weighs about 100-105 pounds. The bed is comfortable for both of us. [...] I am getting great REM sleep again after years of tossing and turning due to shoulder discomfort. Fantastic! The only downside some may find is that it sleeps a little warmer than our original Tempur-Pedic. Probably due to the fact that it conforms better. [...] Literally loving the bed and the great comfortable sleep we're getting. So glad we made the change [...]. If you are considering a memory foam mattress you have to try out a Tempur-Pedic, yes they are costly but they last. Considering how much good night's sleep worth and the length of time we spend in bed annually it can be money well spent.”

The DCFashion Fool also review the mattress on and said-

“Firm Heaven. When it comes to your bed, what lies beneath is much more important than the bedding on top. A good mattress is a foundation for creating the best sleep environment possible. I have to admit, I've never really thought about my mattresses. However, now I am a true believer. Who knew a piece of foam would be my salvation? The Tempur Luxe Adapt comes in two different styles: soft or firm. I chose the firm. And while the bed truly is firm, the memory foam or Tempur-Pedics's Tempur Material gives way to adjust to your body. It's like sinking into a cloud. And while the mattress accommodates and conforms to your body, your partner remains undisturbed. It's the bed's motion cancellation in action so they don't feel your movement. This is truly an added bonus especially if your partner tends to shift around a lot at night. Almost immediately, I found I was getting much better sleep and wasn't waking up with a stiff lower back. I can't tell you how I look forward to crawling under the covers every night. The downside? I really miss my bed when I travel. These days, hotel beds just don't seem to measure up.”

Another review from from Bigswiimmer said-

“Best thing I've ever done for my overall health. After waking each day with a severely aching back and shoulders, I resigned myself to taking approximately 8 pain relievers over each day. A former extreme athlete, I have had several injuries and surgeries and thought that this was just something I had to live with for the rest of my life. Thinking my mattress may be the issue, I started to research. My sister owns a Tempur-Pedic and prompted me to try them out. [...] After 3 visits I decided on the LuxeAdapt Firm. Yes, it took a few nights to adjust to the new mattress [...], but now I can say that I have not taken any pain relievers since I've been using my new Tempur-Pedic. I am beyond thrilled with my purchase; zero pain, much more energy, restful sleep. I'm a different person for sure!”

Trisha, also on, said-

“The best cloud. I have been sleeping on this mattress for a little over 2 weeks now and I've been amazed at the quality of sleep I've been getting. My previous mattress was extremely well-made and comfortable, but I got rid of it after only one night sleeping on my Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt. I'm a side + stomach sleeper, so I opted for the firm mattress and I couldn't be happier. I've been experiencing the best sleep I've ever had and I wake up every morning refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Another thing I love about this mattress is that it has one-of-a-kind motion cancellation technology – I always get an uninterrupted, peaceful night's sleep every single night. I could literally have a 400-pound man jumping up and down on my bed while I slept and I wouldn't even feel it. Also, I didn't even realize I had heat management issues with my previous mattresses until I had my first night on my Tempur-Pedic. This mattress is equipped with a SmartClimate dual cover system and is a total game-changer for those who enjoy a nice, cool-to-touch mattress to sleep on. I definitely recommend this mattress to anyone in the market.”

Nguyen on said-

“The Best Sleep You'll Ever Get! I got our LuxeAdapt a few weeks ago and could not be happier with our selection! Our old mattress was 10+ years [old], so it was time for an update and my goodness - it has been a dream to sleep on! The amazing design allows me to fall asleep so much faster and for longer periods too. Even with my light sleeping habits, I hardly wake up to any movements from my husband's side with their motion canceling technology. I chose the firm option and wouldn't have it any other way. It gives me the firm support I need, but still molds to my body to alleviate those pressure points. Even my husband has been raving about how refreshed he feels in the morning thanks to our new LuxeAdapt. If you're thinking about investing in a Tempur-Pedic, do it! Our old mattress was also a Tempur so you know I'm a true fan of their brand and quality products. It'll be the best decision you make! [...] I LOVE IT!”

Also on Us-Mattress.Com, Rested Sleeper said-

“THE BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER OWNED. First off, we have slept on a Tempur-Pedic bed for the last 10 years. It has been fantastic. [...W]e have been wanting to upgrade our previous [one]. We decided on the LuxeAdapt version. I am currently pregnant and have been having some issues with my sides and the usual pregnancy aches. The difference that this bed has made in my sleep is extraordinary. I didn't think that it was possible, but most of my aches went away. I am serious. The way that the bed conforms to your body is nothing like our other [Tempur] bed that we had. I also love that you don't wake the person next to you when you toss and turn, although, you probably won't be doing much tossing and turning with this one. This is hands down the best bed around. I was not paid to give a good review. This is 100% my honest opinion.”

Tempur Owner for Life on the same site also said-

“Great Mattress - smelly at first. This mattress is amazing. I owned my previous Tempur-Pedic for 15 years and while it was firm it was time for a new mattress. Our new one is even better than the first. It is firm but conforms to you so [that] you feel like you are sleeping in the clouds. My biggest complaint is it has a STRONG chemical smell. It's been a month and the smell is just starting to dissipate. I even kept the windows open with the fan on during the day for a week to try to get it to go away. I'm hoping in 15 years maybe there is an organic option without the smell. [...] Still wouldn't buy another brand!”

As you likely know, a smell associated with your mattress that lasts like this can be a sign of improper storage on the retailer’s part. Tempur-Pedic is always working to ensure customer satisfaction and if this is an issue you’re dealing with, it is actively encouraged to contact them so they can determine what’s going on and potentially send you a new bed.

Also, there Nicole D. said-

“Best Sleep We've Ever Had- no exaggeration! You know when you hear about a product so many times and you think it can't possibly live up to the expectations and hype? This is how I felt about Tempur-Pedic. I was hesitant but I knew it was known for being the best on the market, and my husband and I were desperate to find a mattress that would help his back problems and give us better sleep. We chose the Luxe Adapt (firm) and when I say we have had the best sleep we've ever had, I am not exaggerating one bit. We sleep through the night longer and find ourselves waking up feeling more well-rested. At first, the firmness was hard to get used to but it only took about 4-5 days for us to get used to it and truly appreciate it. I don't normally write reviews but it's the best mattress we've ever owned so I had to come on here and write one! Thank you, Tempur-Pedic for living up to the hype!”

Another Us-Mattress.Com said-

“Lives up to the hype. Night one: I love this bed. I was having severe pain down my right shoulder/arm sleeping in my old one. One night, and it's a significant relief. Life changer right here. Slept like a dream. I'm usually someone who tosses and turns and wow, just cuddled in and stayed put. Literally never want to leave. Counting down until I can go back to bed.” customer Traci said-

“I would buy this bed again and again. We had the original Tempurpedic bed and had it for about 15 years. We decided it was time for a new one, I wasn't completely sold on another one based on cost. But, after trying out several other types of beds I determined that I will [always own] a Tempur-Pedic bed. Also, once you get one, prepare to always have one. You can't downgrade to a lesser bed. This bad boy is AMAZING. Well worth the cost.”

Sleep Dreamy on said-

“This Mattress is a GAME-CHANGER. I am so thankful I discovered this mattress. Before getting the Tempurpedic Luxe Adapt Firm Mattress, my husband and I would wake up with terrible back pain and not feeling well-rested. The LuxeAdapt is a game-changer. I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. The mattress molds to my body which relieves so much pressure. I also can't feel my husband if he moves, which is amazing. I can honestly say this mattress has given me the greatest sleep of my life. Everyone should get this mattress and change their life! Because a good night's sleep changes everything.”

Sleeper from Texas on said-

“Changed the way we sleep! I was nervous about switching to a memory foam mattress as I had never slept on one before. However, I was waking up with lower back pain every morning (and I'm only 35!) and didn't get enough support as a stomach sleeper with my old mattress. The LuxeAdapt has been a game-changer for our sleep. It took a couple of weeks to get used to the feeling of sleeping on memory foam, but WOW! I wake up feeling more rested, my lower back doesn't ache anymore, and overall, I wake up feeling like my sleep was quality sleep. My husband loves it as well - he can't even sleep in hotel rooms when he travels now because he loves our mattress so much. I never thought it would make such a difference, but it has.”

Also on that same site, Well Rested said-

“This bed is life-changing! The first time I sat down on this bed I didn't know what to think. It felt SO different than other beds I have had. Was that a good or a bad thing? The more I sat on it, the more I realized it was like sitting in a marshmallow. A gloriously supportive, comforting, firm (yet soft!) marshmallow. And sleeping on it? Omg. I have never had such a good sleep in my life. I stay where I lay without tossing and turning and find myself having the deepest sleep I've ever had. I recently went on an 11-day luxury trip where we stayed in some of the top hotels, and it was the first trip I took where I was disappointed in hotel beds! Mine at home was better!”

Better than hotel mattresses! That’s what you want to hear.

Kate on said-

“Great bed - Recommend. After purchasing this bed and sleeping on it for a couple of weeks now, I’ve noticed my sleep improved, and my neck/back pain decreased. I suffer from pinched nerves in my neck and this bed truly does help alleviate issues. We are very pleased with our purchase at this time.”

Another review on Us-Mattress by JJP said-

“Sleeping Like A Baby. Let me first say, I never believed that the correct mattress could really affect your sleep until I got the Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt [F]irm. OH LA LA! My back and neck don't hurt and the best part is that I don't get up when my husband moves around thanks to the balance transfer technology. I am seriously in heaven and find myself staying in bed far longer and even doing some work from bed cause I love it that much. I write this because I really was hesitant and now when I go to hotels or stay at family, I notice a difference in my sleep because of the mattress! I highly suggest investing in your sleep with this mattress!”

A lot of us are working from home right now and an incredible bed can make that much more enjoyable.

Happily ever sleep! on said-

“AMAZING - Saved my sleep & relieved back pain. I had scoliosis and then had the spinal fusion surgery to correct [it]. The majority of my back is fused which is great except when it comes to sleep. I've had issues for the past 5 years since having surgery with multiple mattresses and my overall sleep. Where my low-back is fused I've had nagging pain. Once I started sleeping on my LuxeAdapt mattress I've experienced zero low-back pain. The mattress truly does mold to your body, alleviating pressure points!”

That’s an incredible statement and hopefully, this mattress will work great for every type of person from mild to severe back pain sufferers. The last review is also from, let’s hear what they had to say.

JDB said- 

“Third Tempurpedic mattress. Had original bed, Rhapsody Allura Countour pillow top, and now the Tempur-Pedic Luxe Adapt firm. Didn't think they could get better. But! This mattress is just so comfortable and definitely cooler. Looking for 10 more years of good sleeping. Had 20 already. Started to look at other brands but realized after stopping at a store - Tempur-Pedic is the best. I know they aren't the cheapest but you get a good 10 years or more comfortable sleep.”

Now, let’s take a look at the reviews for the soft version of this mattress.

LuxeAdapt Soft Reviews

Let’s check out what the people had to say about the LuxeAdapt Soft.

Grateful for Tempur-Pedic on said-

“Indescribable! :-) I finally switched from my memory foam mattress to Tempur-Pedic. I have fibromyalgia, severe back, neck, and hip problems. I purchased the [...S]oft [...]. I have not yet had a single night sleeping in discomfort. It adapts to my body no matter what position I am in. The first night I felt like I was floating and sleeping on a cloud. It was heaven. I have a disabled child that requires constant up and down at night to care for her, this bed not only has it given me my life back but has vastly IMPROVED my quality of life. I used to struggle to get out of my old bed and I was in so much pain and stiff. Since I've switched [...,] I do not struggle to get out of bed I'm not in as much pain and I am not stiff. Thank you, Tempur-Pedic for designing a mattress that has alleviated so much of my pain! My only regret is not buying this mattress sooner! I have NO complaints about this bed. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!”

This is so wonderful to hear as a retailer because we want people to sleep the best they possibly can. Additionally, this customer purchased an adjustable base, and it seems to also have greatly improved their sleep routine. We highly recommend adjustable beds for anyone, particularly those struggling with discomfort and pain.

Also on that site, Professional Napper said-

“I'm sleeping on a cloud! LOVE this bed. I've never had such great sleep before. There are two things I immediately noticed over this past week of sleep: 1. It alleviates pressure points! Before, I would constantly toss and turn because one side would get tired of being laid on, and it was time to flip. Now, I can easily lay on one side most of the night because I no longer get that need-to-turn feeling. It's the GREATEST. 2. I've been waking up on my back!! This came as a huge surprise. As a major side sleeper, I've never slept on my back. But this past week, I've fallen asleep on my back quite a few times because it's actually comfortable for the first time! The decision between the Soft or Firm style was a tough one. I went to a local retailer to feel the bed in person since this is a high-consideration purchase, and I ultimately decided on Soft. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either, they're both COMFY! The soft is extremely soft, and it feels like you're floating on a cloud. You just sink right in. If you're looking for more of a firm-soft, the Firm style will be the one for you. I would absolutely recommend this bed!”

Kick Flip on said-

“This Mattress Changed My Life. About a year ago, I was in a car accident where a truck ran a stop sign and slammed right into me. Since that incident, I have always gotten a kink in my neck from sleeping the "wrong way". I would have to sleep in a very specific and slightly rigid position just to not feel pain. It was after a year of constant kinks in the neck and back that I realized... I needed the best mattress to not cause me any more discomfort. A year of searching led me to find the perfect mattress... The TEMPUR LuxeAdapt Soft. I lay down every night now with a joyful excitement to fall asleep after a hard day’s work... I wake up refreshed and energized... and I remember my dreams I have during the night. [...] It's like the mattress is giving a hug to your butt!!! Anywho, this mattress got rid of the kinks and pain and truly... changed my life for the BEST.”

Tempur-Perfect Sleeper on said-

“TEMPUR-PERFECT! I received my new Tempur-LuxeAdapt Soft the first week of January 2019. My experience has been positive from the start when I ordered it online to delivery. [...] I'm sleeping like a baby on my Tempur-Perfect bed. Thank you Tempur-Pedic for the great financing plan and overall a very positive buying experience.”

Brett F on said-

“A long, supportive night's sleep! Absolutely love our new Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt mattress. After a bit of going back and forth, we decided to go with the soft version [...], and I am so glad we did! The soft is the perfect blend of support and enveloping comfort. It's like sleeping on a cloud! The cooling outer layer is so nice -- there's nothing more I love than getting into bed every night and having the mattress feel cool. I realize now how awful my old mattress was... I wish I would have made the decision to invest in this mattress sooner. My only small complaint is upon delivery, the mattress had a bit of a smell to it. Like a manufacturing smell, it's hard to describe. Luckily after about a week or two, it has totally dissipated. Very happy with the LuxeAdapt.”

You may have read this in some of the other memory foam mattress reviews. A smell for a few days is common, however, if it lasts too long it may be an issue that the manufacturer couldn’t control. In this case, Tempur often works with customers to get a replacement.

Human and Dog Approved! on Us-mattress.Com said-

“No more aches and pains! My husband and I received our mattress about 4 weeks ago and we are LOVING our new LuxeAdapt mattress! My husband is a former professional athlete, so his body is a bit beat up and achier than most 36-year-olds. With our prior mattress, he would have terrible lower back pains and have to use 3 big pillows to find any comfort or relief. Since sleeping on the new LuxeAdapt, he's down to 1 pillow and hasn't complained of any back pains! I also have less shoulder and neck aches, which is a bonus! Even though we opted for the "soft" mattress, it is firmer than our previous pillow top mattress and I think it's the perfect amount of comfort with support! An added perk is that it's lower to the ground than our previous mattress, so our dogs can jump on the bed easier, which is great for their little arms and legs, too! Human and Pup approved :)”

Kelly on

“Luxury softness, excellent support, no pressure points! Zero pressure points! From the first night, it was sleep perfection! We were concerned it would be too soft, but the supportive layers underneath are perfect. We are now getting the best sleep of our lives, at 135 lbs and 235 lbs, we both love it. The motion transfer is zero. Sleeps cooler than our old Tempur mattress, and is even better with the vor-tec cooling mattress pad from Bedgear. You don't get stuck in bed either, you can move around and get in and out of bed easily. Thank you, Tempurpedic for the innovation and improvements from your already amazing beds! My back thanks you! I wake up rested and refreshed. We couldn't be happier with our choice.”

Another review provided by said-

“BEST. BED. EVER. My wife and I recently received the Tempur-Pedic Luxe-Adapt and from the moment the bed arrived - our lives have changed for the better!! [...F]rom the moment we laid down [...] to 'try it out' we realized how incredible this mattress is! I've suffered from some lower back pain over the last few years - and within the first week of sleeping on our mattress - I'm bounding out of bed in the morning feeling so well-rested and without any back pain! It's UNREAL!! We both couldn't be happier and will happily recommend this bed to ANY one considering it! Trust me. It's worth its weight in gold!! We love our Tempur-Pedic. 5 stars from us!!”

That’s what you want to hear about a high-end bed. We understand that this is a large investment, so it should outperform anything you’ve been sleeping on. 

Iamsarahmize also on said-

“A cloud mattress that keeps cool. I was so anxious to try this new mattress. I've had bad luck with mattresses in the past because I'm such a HOT sleeper. My husband calls me a personal space heater. We also like to snuggle when possible but our old mattress made that difficult because we'd just get too hot. This one sleeps SO COOL! I don't get hot in the middle of the night and to me, that's worth a million dollars. Heck, we even were able to sleep [on] flannel sheets [...] this winter. Say hello to a cool night’s sleep and a cloud of a mattress that perfectly hugs you back. I can’t recommend this product enough! Buy one today, and thank me later - it's the bee’s knees!!”

All the new Tempur mattresses use the cool-to-the-touch cover and sometimes that cooling is just what you need to sleep better. It may not be as powerful as the LUXEbreeze, but it’s a great option if you just need some initial cooling to help you fall asleep.

Perfect for health professionals on said-

“Great mattress for the healthcare professional. My husband and I are both dentists. And back and neck pain is practically synonymous with our profession. We have gone through mattress after mattress before we found one that truly helped us and most importantly our bodies get the rest it deserves. We initially ordered the firm thinking that was the right fit for us, however, we just couldn't get used to it. The staff at Tempurpedic were so kind and allowed us to exchange it for the soft. They guarantee you'll love your mattress and they were right. The best week of sleep and thankfully our search for the perfect mattress has ended. Love love it!”

Jessica on said-

“This is the best bed ever! I have the older version of this bed and it is by far the best decision I ever made! This bed seriously makes a world of difference for my sleep, but not only that, I wake up feeling more refreshed and way less crabby! I have lower back issues and this paired with a powerbase has made so much of a difference that my chiropractor even mentioned he doesn’t see me as much! Tempur is definitely the best bed I have ever slept on!”

Happy Sleeper on said-

“Purchase Immediately! If I could give this mattress 10 stars I would! My husband and I slept one night on our LuxeAdapt mattress and it was the BEST night sleep we ever got. I also suffer from back pain and this mattress made my pain go away. I did some research and found out that the TEMPUR material is infinitely adaptable, responds to your body temperature, adapts to your weight and unique shape, giving you personalized support for undisturbed sleep. I honestly don't have anything negative to say! This is one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made so if you are on the fence I highly recommend this brand and mattress!”

Incredible results and more pain relief. That’s what we want for our customers.

Adrienis2rad on said-

“Best Mattress I've had. I just received my mattress about a month ago and might I say, It's absolutely amazing! It's a huge step from the mattress I had before. It's soft, comfortable, and it feels just right. With me having to walk around everywhere in the city, working out, etc, this mattress is exactly what I need from a hard day of labor. The mattress I had before the LuxeAdapt didn't compliment the way I sleep so I had rough nights trying to get comfortable and stern. I'm a side sleeper so it compliments the way I sleep it's like I needed a LuxeAdapt. I'm thankful!”

Joe and Mary on said-

“VERY SOFT AND COMFORTABLE. We previously slept on the Tempur deluxe mattress. Have it now in the guest room. We used it for 15 years. Lots of memory foam. Great mattress! Bought the LuxeAdapt to replace [it]. [It’s] soft. So comfortable. You sink in, but not too much. Not hot at all [...]. The LuxeAdapt isn't cheap, but we love it. We expect it to last a long time. Anybody who is serious about a good sleep needs to strongly consider this mattress.”

Rohini M on said-

“Absolute game changer!! After only sleeping on box spring mattresses my whole life, this LuxeAdapt mattress is probably the best thing to have ever happened to me. Seriously, it feels like sleeping on a cloud and every inch of my back feels really supported and comfortable. I was worried it would feel too hot but I've never felt too hot or too cold and it moderates the temperature fairly well. I was also a little worried that it would be hard to physically get up because it's soft but there have been no issues at all and it is still firm enough that you can be comfortable to move around. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about it, and can't recommend it enough!”

MichelleBestSleepEver, who was so impressed she put it in her name, said on

“Best Sleep Of My Life. My husband and I were initially very hesitant to spend so much on a mattress but after trying out the LuxeAdapt, there was really no question. It was hands down the most superior bed we tried (and we tried out many different options). Noticeably softer and higher quality, we pulled the trigger and haven't looked back. In the month that we've had it, we've had the best sleep of our lives! We both now very much enjoy going to bed and the mornings are always difficult because we just don't want to get up. This mattress is truly worth every penny, highly recommend!”

Happy Sleeper on said-

“Endless search for a good mattress has ended. After spending 2 years trying out different mattresses from traditional brick and mortar shops as well as the modern mattress-in-a-box companies, I finally decided to see if a Tempur-Pedic was worth the premium price tag. I can say with high confidence that I've had my best sleep on this mattress. It's a high-quality product that conforms well to your pressure points so you can sleep comfortably. It does run a little on the hot side, but that can be easily mitigated by using a lightweight comforter. I would recommend this product.”

As we know, memory foam does have the potential to run warm for some sleepers. The cooling cover as well as lightweight sheets and blankets can help with this.

Pain-free sleeper on said-

“Best Mattress Ever. [I h]ave back, neck, hip, and shoulder injur[ies] from a car accident. I needed a mattress that was super soft and low [on] pressure points since I am a side and back sleeper. It’s extremely soft and comfy. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. I have the adjustable base and it’s amazing with this mattress. Hip and low back pain are completely gone. I LOVE my new mattress. Best purchase EVER!!!!”

Lastly, TB on said-

“Amazing! We went through a number of mattresses before we stumbled upon this one. We were hesitant at first because it was more expensive, but in the end, it has been worth every single penny. Never in my life have I slept on anything so comfortable. Every other bed apart from this gives me an awful backache. I love this mattress!!! My husband and I literally get so excited to get home to our bed after we travel anywhere. It is amazing. It takes a little to adjust to it, but you will seriously not be disappointed.”

Final Thoughts

This is one of our all-time best-selling mattresses and you can see why. We love this mattress even amongst our staff and many of us have taken a Tempur-Pedic home for our own bedrooms, including the LuxeAdapt in the marketing department. 

If you’re considering a memory foam mattress as a back, the Tempur LuxeAdapt in Firm is the way to go. For those that like to sleep on their sides or flip back and forth and need more cushion, the soft option is the way to go. 

We highly recommend this mattress as a top model from the entire Tempur-Pedic line.

Finished With Your Research?

If you're ready to shop, check out the details of the mattress to decide if it will work for you. If you still need assistance with choosing a mattress for your unique needs, check out our Mattress Buying Guide here or continue to peruse the Tempur Mattress Reviews here. 

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