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Sealy Posturepedic Select Thurloe Plush Mattress Review

The Sealy Posturepedic Select Thurloe Plush mattress part of the select series. This series incorporates gel memory foam and innersprings in an effort to provide the ideal amount of comfort and support so that you can sleep through more of the night. The Thurloe features the Embrace PLUS Encased Coil system which includes individually wrapped coils that more easily conform to your individual shape when lying on the bed. You also get the benefit of the CoreSupport Center increases the coil count in the center third of the mattress. A band of gel memory foam across the top of the coils gives you extra body conforming support right where it will benefit you the most. The mattress is finished off with an ultra-soft knit top layer that enhances the plush effect.

Comfort by Position


As a plush mattress, the Hybrid Thurloe Plush is ideal for the side sleeper. The gel memory foam top conforms perfectly to your body as you lay down and alleviates any pressure on your shoulder and hip. The knit top layer creates and additional comfort level.  Now you can lay comfortably and fall asleep much easier. We give the Hybrid Thurloe Plush mattress a 5/5 for side sleeping due to the pressure alleviation in those areas.


If you are a back sleeper the Hybrid Thurloe Plush mattress is a solid choice. The support system is the same as the cushion firm version, there is just more foam and comfort material on top. The support is very much adequate to support back sleeping, but some users may find the plush feel of the top a little too soft for them to truly enjoy the benefits. We give the Hybrid Thurloe Plush mattress a 4/5 for back sleeping due to the Thurloe Cushion firm being an option.


The Sealy Hybrid Thurloe Plush mattress can easily work for the stomach sleeper. This is usually problematic with gel memory foam, as it tends to slowly envelop you, causing you to sink in and eventually getting less and less comfortable. That is not the case with this mattress. You do feel the memory foam conform to you, but with the coil system there is hardly any sinking. This means that you stay comfortable during the night. We do recommend a thin pillow to keep your neck in the proper alignment. We give the Hybrid Thurloe Plush mattress a 4/5 for stomach sleeping due to the Thurloe Cushion Firm Model being available for stomach sleepers.

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