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Posturepedic Select Goya Cushion Firm Mattress Review

The Sealy Posturepedic Select Goya cushion firm mattress combines many different mattress technologies into one comfortable mattress. This is the firmest mattress out of the Goya collection, but still features a soft top. The gel memory foam is still present in the top layer but not as much as the other pillow top mattresses.

The base of the mattress has Zoned Sealy Embrace Encased Coil, which features individually encased coils that increase in coil count closer to the center of the mattress to ensure that you get the maximum amount of support in all the places that you will need it the most.

Gel memory foam and other comfort materials rest on top of the coils. You have the CoreSupportCenter which adds a .5” of gel memory foam across the middle third of the mattress to give you additional support where the heaviest part of your body is going to be.

The Goya cushion firm mattress is going to give you comfort and deep down support all in one comfortable mattress.

Comfort by Position

Comfort for the Side Sleeper 3/5

A softer mattress tends to be more beneficial for side sleepers. While this mattress is soft, it is not the softest of the series. We give the Goya Cushion Firm mattress a 3/5 for side sleeping due to Goya Plush Euro Pillow Top Model being available for side sleepers.

Comfort for the Back Sleeper 5/5

This mattress is perfect for a back sleeper, with its firm base and coil system. We give the Goya Cushion Firm mattress a 5/5 for back sleeping due to the high level of support that you will get out of this mattress.

Comfort for the Stomach Sleeper 4/5

A firmer mattress is better for stomach sleepers as it will help keep your body aligned throughout the night. The cushion firm is going to give a slight amount softness that some stomach sleepers may find just a bit too soft. We give the Goya Cushion Firm mattress a 4/5 for stomach sleeping due to the possibility of a cushion-less mattress being an option. 


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