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Leggett & Platt P-232 Adjustable Base Review


The Leggett & Platt P-232 Premier Adjustable base is top of the line in comfort, convenience, technology and elegance. If you want to bring one of the best adjustable bases into your home, then this is the one for you. 


Most adjustable beds only have the ability to adjust the headrest and the leg rest. The Premier Series P-232 has three sections you can adjust. The leg rest, the headrest, and the pillow. Easily adjust your pillow from the remote, or from your smartphone with the push of a button.


The P-232 offers a wide variety of programmable positions to ensure you are comfortable the entire time you are in the bed. You are able to quickly and quietly shift from one position to another with the powerful Whisper Quiet motor doing all the work. An extra benefit to the whisper motor is that you can adjust the bed without waking your partner.  3 popular pre-programmed positions are simply titled "Sleep", "Zero Gravity", “TV".

Wooden Legs

Instead of casters the P-232 adjustable base comes with 6" wooden furniture grade legs that create a whole new look for your bed. These are also a little more sturdy to give your bed a firm base of support. They are also very stylish for when the base is sitting on the floor. 


Leggett & Platt have developed Wallhugging engineering. While other adjustable bed bases lift your upper body away from the wall and away from your nightstand. Bases with Wallhugger engineering lift you up while simultaneously gliding you back. That means that your remote will always be within arms reach.


Massage motors have been placed in the headrest and leg rest areas to give you a gentle full body massage. Easily control the speed, intensity and time allotment to the massage to suit your needs. This can also be a part of a gentle wake alarm and combined with the underbed lighting. 


You have the option of controlling your new adjustable base with the included Bluetooth remote or you can download the mobile app and control your entire bedroom with LP Connect.

LP Connect

LP Connect allows you to control your bedroom from your device. Utilize the power adapters on your most used bedroom accessories, such as a fan, a lamp, or the TV and turn them on or off from the remote with ease. It also pairs nicely with the usb ports that can be used for charging your device. 

What's The Difference Between The P-132 And P-232?

There are a couple of significant differences between the P-132 and the P-232. One of which is the legs. The P-132 has telescoping legs that allow you to adjust the bed height as desired.. The P-232 has 6" square wooden furniture legs to make it look a little more like a furniture frame rather than a metal bed. This creates an entirely different look around the base of the bed.


It is very important to purchase a adjustable base that is going to help you sleep through the night and make getting to sleep easy. With the adjustable bases that we have suggested you will be able to rest easy and your body will thank you each and every morning. If you have other questions about any of our mattresses, give us a call 888-996-9890. Our adjustable base experts are ready and waiting to answer any and all of your questions.

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