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Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15
Daily Deals- Save an EXTRA 15% on select items with Promo Code: CROWN15

Introducing Glideaway

elevate-comfort-base-2-charcoal-and-black.jpgGlideaway was established in 1962, but the Fredman brothers have a long established history in the furniture industry. They initially started out in the business world by selling their products door-to-door. Not only do they understand how to build a business, they recognize that products evolve over time. The Fredman brothers progressed from wood frames to steel in order to create quality bed frames for their growing customer base.

Glideaway has five adjustable bed bases that cover a broad spectrum of what the consumer may be looking for. Each base is made with quality and longevity in mind. Additional features are added on to each base to make it the most comfortable spot in your home. The king size base has a maximum weight capacity of 800lbs with one going up to 1150lbs. Even though they have a high weight capacity, all the frames are strong yet lightweight.

The Prelude adjustable base has a single deck design with full range positions. A wired remote provides access to creating the most comfortable positions possible. The Navigate takes the Prelude’s base design and kicks it up a notch. The remote is now wireless and the Navigate features an anti-snore and zero gravity option. Zero gravity is optimal for creating ultimate comfort by raising your legs above your heart. This decompresses the spine and moves your bodyweight onto the bed versus stressing your joints.

The Grand takes the features that the Navigate has included and continues the trend of adding on to them. With the Grand, LED lights have been introduced in the form of under bed lighting and a flashlight feature. A 4 USB charging port has also been included, with 2 positioned on each side of the bed. We also see the introduction of sleep technology. A pulsation is created by a single vibe motor that is placed in the mid-back area. The total body vibration that is created provides multiple health benefits and helps enhance sleep quality. The sleep technology features 4 wave modes, with 4 levels of intensity and 3 timer options. Wall hugging design has also been established on the Grand, which allows the back to travel up to 11”. The Elevation has taken all the features of the Grand and included Bluetooth stereo speakers.

The Rhythm adjustable base takes a few features from each model to create a base with a total weight capacity of 1150lbs on the king size. The Rhythm still features the wall hugging design, LED under bed lighting, Sleep enhancement technology and the wireless remote with 2 programmable positions.

Glideaway has tried to give you multiple options so you can find the adjustable base that will cover all of your needs. Each model has slight tweaks to make it slightly better than the previous one, while maintaining all the features that make the model below it great.