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Infinity Evoke Massage Chair Review

Infinity Evoke massage chair


Infinity massage chairs are not new to the market. After being around for quite some time they have figured out what works best. The Infinity Evoke Massage Chair is a great example of everything you want in a chair wrapped up in space saving package. An additional focus has been placed on the feet, an area that is often left as an afterthought.



When you first sit in the Evoke it is immediately comfortable even without power. If you have a smaller frame the chair can feel quite massive, luckily the massage is accommodating to any size.



Once the chair is turned on the footrest is instantly activated. One could compare the initial foot massage to a tickling sensation. It does get more intense when the heel and massage rollers are activated during an actual program. Reflexology was clearly in mind when the foot rest was designed.



Each program is going to have its own original aspect. The S-Shape massage track is obvious as the massage rolls down your back. The compression around the body forms to any frame. Lumbar heating pulls the whole experience together culminating in a rejuvenating session.


It feels like space

Zero gravity is present in the Evoke, positioning you with your legs above your heart. This provides an optimal massage, while easing the stress on your joints. Space comes in to play in another regard when mentioning the Evoke. Many massage chairs require up to 24" behind the backrest to fully recline. This one only requires a suggested 6 inches. This makes placing a chair in a room that much easier.



The remote on the Evoke is nice and bright. It is a smooth rectangular shape that we are accustom to. This chair has many options to choose from. It can just be a bit of a hassle getting through the levels of the remote. Each menu seemed to have a few other menus you could go through, taking you quite deep into a category. There is also a significant beep with each push of the button. It wouldn’t be noticeable in an active room, but in a silent environment it is quite loud.



Infinity’s Evoke is great for the price category it is in. It will work with almost any body size. You are going to get a fully satisfying massage in a chair that can fit easily in almost any room. 

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