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Sleep up to 8 Degrees Cooler!

Tempurbreeze® mattresses use an integrated system of technologies to keep you cool all night long.

Ultra-breathable support layers disperse heat away from your body. A top layer of Tempur technology is infused with PURECOOL to assist in keeping your body cool during the night.

There are even cooling elements in the lightweight top cover. Ultra-breathable layers allow heat and humidity to flow through the mattress and away from your body. You will fall asleep cool and wake up feeling refreshed.

With the Probreeze and Luxebreeze options, there's the perfect level of cooling available for everyone. Probreeze offers three degrees of cooling, and the Luxebreeze offers eight!

Plus, the mattresses still use the incredible Tempur foam for ultimate support and comfort. Available in both firm and soft. You're sure to love it, and your A/C bill will too.

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