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Mattress Gift Bundle - Sealy

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Use Your Gift Card To Complete Your Mattress Purchase!

Does that wonderful mattress you're purchasing come with a gift card? Excellent! Now, you can complete your bedroom and make sure you sleep like a log with the most desirable bed accessories around.

No bed is whole without soft pillows, smooth sheets, and a snug blanket. With your gift card, you can save on your total purchase by taking home these necessities for no extra charge with your gift card. 

Is the item you're looking at a bit more than the gift card? No worries! We'll just add the difference to your total. 

There is plenty to pick from and you can create your own bundle to suit your needs and wants. It's the best way to round out your bed for less, and with just one shipping cost!

And don't forget about 0% financing offered for up to 72 months with Synchrony.

A Special Note About Mattress Protectors

A mattress protector may seem like a superfluous item, but if you want to ensure that your mattress warranty is upheld and any issues with your mattress are addressed when you file a claim, a mattress protector is a necessity. Spills, surface stains, etc. can void a warranty claim instantly, and a mattress protector is the only way you'll be able to prevent something from reaching the mattress should a spill or accident occur. 

You've spent potentially thousands on your new mattress, why risk that investment when there is a simple yet effective way to ensure that any warranty claim you file won't be rejected for something you could have prevented. 

Additionally, when any fluid gets into a memory foam mattress it destroys its integrity and feel, leaving you with a mattress that isn't performing as it should. Keeping your mattress padding and foam dry and clean is crucial, a mattress protector can do that.

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