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Bodyfriend Massage Chairs

bodyfriend massage chairs

A Leading Manufacturer of Massage Chairs

Bodyfriend is a global company that designs healthier lifestyles. They continue to strengthen their customers' health & wellness beyond current standards. Their competitive advantage comes from these customers and their experiences.
They listen to their ideas so that we can develop insightful know-how, on-going innovation, and user-friendly distribution processes. Their mission is to support our customers' healthier lifestyles and to transform the way they live.

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What Is Brain Massage?

Brain massage allows for a deeper level of relaxation by applying special kneading techniques for full-body along with binaural beat which increases blood flow to the brain and enhances cognitive skills.

Introducing Bodyfriend's Medical R&D Department

Enjoying customized body condition evaluation in the comfort of your home. That's the future that Bodyfriend envisions. They house their own medical R&D department, utilizing a unique team of doctors and medical specialists to focus on improving the well-being of our clients. The R&D department pairs products and designs to develop sensible technology. Numerous patents from renowned institutions are the results they've accomplished.