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Apex Massage Chairs

Apex Massage Chairs

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From the same people that masterminded Osaki and Titan massage chairs comes this a line-up of incredible chairs from Apex. These technologically advanced massage chairs showcase a range of features unique to Apex.

The Apex innovative features simply aren’t available in many other massage chairs, such as heating blankets and shoulder blade massage technology. Our Apex massage chairs are brand new and quickly becoming some of our best sellers.

Like most massage chairs we carry, Apex offers a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that protects your purchase for three years from the date of delivery.

The initial year of this warranty covers parts and labor with in-home service at no cost to you. A technician will come out to work on your massage chair during this time.

The second year covers parts, but any labor costs will need to be taken care of by you. The third year covers the frame from any defects in material or workmanship.

We also have an Extended Warranty that will protect your massage chair for up to five years with in-home service. This Extended Warranty is an add-on purchase that ensures your massage chair is protected and serviced for the full five years.

For any questions or concerns, please give us a call. We love to help all our customers find the perfect massage chair for their needs.