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Bodyfriend REX-L Brain Massage Chair

$8,499.00 $10,200.00

Bodyfriend REX-L Brain Massage Chair
Bodyfriend REX-L Brain Massage Chair Bodyfriend REX-L Brain Massage Chair Bodyfriend REX-L Brain Massage Chair Bodyfriend REX-L Brain Massage Chair Bodyfriend REX-L Brain Massage Chair Bodyfriend REX-L Brain Massage Chair

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The Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain massage chair features an SL-Track. The SL-track allows the rollers to massage from your neck, connecting to your spine, and down underneath your glutes to the back of your thighs. Also, take your relaxation to the next step with the binaural beats of the Brain Massage.



The SL-Track of the Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain gives you the benefits of the S-Track as the rollers contour your spine, while the L-Track allows the rollers to travel from your neck, down your back, and wrap underneath your glutes to the back of your thighs.


Turn on the power and select an automatic program and the body scan will activate. There are sensors on the back rollers to accurately locate your shoulders. Once the scan has completed, you can adjust the shoulder position more if needed.


The zero gravity position of the Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain massage chair distributes your gravitational pressure evenly, minimizing the effects of gravity on your body. Recline angles can be further adjusted to optimize the massage experience.


The reflexology rollers apply an acupressure massage that aggressively targets acupoints on the soles of your feet. The foot massage can provide pain relief and ease your tension.


The Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain massage chair has 16 automatic programs to soothe and aches and pains that you may have.

  • Concentration: Upper body massage while playing healing music increasing concentration and blood flow to the brain.
  • Meditation: Targets important acupoints in the body while playing healing music to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Refresh: Simultaneously uses kneading and tapping techniques on the targeted shoulder area.
  • Recovery: Massage program concentrated on kneading the entire back for 30 minutes.
  • Hip-Up: Alternates acupressure and kneading on the hips and buttocks.
  • Rest: Thirty-Minute concentrated kneading for the entire back.
  • Athlete: Combination of tapping, kneading, and acupressure massage targeting the shoulders.
  • Office: Tapping and acupressure massage on the waist while reclining the body at different angles.
  • Stretch: The entire body is encapsulated with airbags and an air compression massage ensues. Airbags gently tug and pull on the body to create an “extending” effect. From head to toe, gentle stretching allows the muscles to be loosened and the body to be elongated.
  • Auto Upper: Alternating tapping and acupressure massaging techniques throughout the upper body.
  • Auto Lower: Concentrating on relieving tension for the lower half of the body by massaging the legs and feet.
  • Lymphatic: A special massage mode that lifts the legs and air massages the arms to allow lymph to flow freely throughout the lymphatic system. Users who stand for extended periods, have muscle tension in the lower body, or suffer from swollen calves and feet can benefit the most from this massage mode.
  • Digestive: A massage mode that aggressively targets acupoints on the back to help promote digestion. Compression massage on the arms and legs allows blood to flow towards the digestive system. Users who suffer from frequent indigestion or have high-stress levels are able to benefit the most from this massage mode.
  • Waist-Focused: Massage mode targeting your core to strengthen the waist and improve body posture.


The Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain massage chair can perform kneading, tapping, chopping, combination, acupressure, and rhythmic.


The 98 airbags on the Rex-L Brain apply a compression massage to the Shoulders, Waist, Arms, Hips, Calves, Head, and Feet. You can independently adjust each region through five intensity levels.


The leg extension is fully powered and automatically adjusts up to 8 inches in length to accommodate taller people.


The Zero-Wall feature of the Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain automatically slides the massage chair forward when the chair is reclined. This saves you the trouble of allocating extra space.


The Rex-L Brain has heat in the lumbar area to loosen up tight muscles and warm your core for better circulation. The lumbar heat can be adjusted through three levels of intensity.


With the Embedded Touch Switch on the arm of the Bodyfriend Rex-L massage chair, you can control the power, cycle automatic programs, and adjust the recline position quickly and easily.


You can sync your personal mobile device with Bluetooth to play music while you are receiving a massage.


The remote control of the Bodyfriend REX-L Brain massage chair is a slim LCD remote. The screen displays the functions of the massage chair and also gives you access to the menu for more features and functions.


You can choose between English or Korean.

You can download the USER MANUAL HERE

Suggested User Height Range up to 6'3" Manufacturer Bodyfriend
Massage Roller Type 3D Made In China
Massage Track Length Massage Track L track
Roller Width Adjustment Roller Glute Massage Yes
Massage Speed Adjustment Yes Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes
Removable Back Pad Body Scan Technology Yes
Foot Rollers Yes Recline Yes
Zero Gravity Yes Inversion Therapy No
Auto Programs 14 Stretch Program Yes
Deep Tissue Massage Yes Manual Programs Yes
Massage Techniques 6 Hideaway Ottoman No
Spot/Partial Massage Yes Memory Setting No
Vibration No Heat Back
Total Airbags Shoulders/Waist/Arms/Hips/Calf/Feet Air Bag Intensity Adjustable
Ottoman Length Adjustment Automatic Upholstery Synthetic Leather
Timer Setting 10min/20min/30min Remote Slim LCD Remote
Chromotherapy No Bluetooth Speakers Yes
Dimensions (Upright) 59.1in x 32.7in x 49.2in Dimensions (Recline) 68.9in x 32.7in x 37in
Massage Chair Weight 276lbs Shipping Weight 322lbs

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