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What is an L-Track Massage Chair?

What is an L-Track Massage Chair?

The L-Track massage track is a newer innovation that is designed to increase the benefit of your back massage by increasing the surface area. The L-track massage system features a very long massage track that reaches below the glutes, usually down to the upper thigh area depending on how tall you are.

The L-Track system does include some of the same characteristics as an S-track massage. For instance, your back massage will provide uniform pressure across your whole back, it even provide better ergonomic support for your lower back and neck areas. The main difference is that the back massage will continue past your lower back through your glutes to the upper thigh area. This increases the surface area your back massagers address by about 30% providing much more value for usually the same dollar as an S-track massage chair.

One important note is that the massage below the lower back can be uncomfortable and awkward for some customers. If you are among these people, we recommend taking a look at the S-track massage chairs and choosing one from that line-up. If you are looking for an L-track massage chair, take a look at some of the chairs listed below and see which one is right for you!

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