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Top 5 Massage Chairs for Petite Users

Top 5 Massage Chairs for Petite Users


When you are looking for a massage chair a lot of things are taken into consideration. One aspect that can be a problem is your body size compared to the size of the body that the chair is intending to massage. If you have a petite frame, a lot of chairs will not reach all the way down to your shoulders. Or your feet will not reach the bottom of the footrest. We have compiled a list to help the petite massage chair user find a chair that is going to give them a full body massage experience. 


Infinity Altera

The Infinity Altera is a recently released chair that focuses on a petite user. Many massage chairs focus on accommodating a larger user. The result is that someone with a smaller frame doesn’t get the benefits of the airbag system that focuses on the shoulders and the feet. The Altera accommodates sizes from 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 2 inches. The chair doesn’t just focus on the airbags, it is packed with features that you will really appreciate at the end of the day.

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Apex AP-Pro Ultra

The Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair has a sleek body and is available in three colors to help match your home decor. The chair is packed with a full line up of impressive features that are going to give you an amazing massage. The L-Track massage system is complemented by the three stages of zero gravity options. You are then able to get into the optimal position for your massage. This chair is packed with redesigned airbags that are going to benefit a petite frame.

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Osaki OS-4000T

The Osaki OS-4000T massage chair has the perfect balance between price and features. It is easy to see why year after year the chair consistently sits at the top of many lists. The 4000-T offers a streamlined airbag massage system and foot massage rollers. When you recline into the zero gravity position the leg rest will extend and retract. Once you find the perfect length, simply press your toes down on the footrest to stop it. This is a feature that someone that is a smaller height will really benefit from.

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Apex AP-Pro Lotus

The Apex AP-Pro Lotus Massage Chair has a truly innovative system that only this massage chair offers in the United States. That special ability is to clean the air surrounding your massage chair. Positioned at the top of the shoulder massagers, this fascinating system will purify the air at a microscopic level, and carefully blow it towards your face. While you are experiencing a great massage from the chair, your breathing habits will also enhance with better air flow to your lungs. This is a revolutionary device that is very popular throughout Asia. The Lotus also has an adjustable shoulder option that will accommodate a broader body shape.

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Titan Pro Executive

The Titan Pro Executive massage chair is the only one on the market to carry out the full massage experience all the way down to your feet. Computer body scanning is going to determine your full body shape so that it can adjust the massage appropriately. The leg extension will work with people from 5 feet to 6 foot 5. The only size issue about this chair is that the foot massage will only accommodate up to shoe size 14.

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