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Top 3 Massage Chairs for Post-Workout Relief

Top 3 Massage Chairs for Post-Workout Relief

If you are an athlete or someone who exercises regularly, you will benefit from regular deep tissue massages. A gentle and soothing massage from a spa, may not get deep enough for your muscles to truly benefit. Below we have compiled three massage chairs that have features that will help enhance your fitness lifestyle.

Panasonic EP-MA 73

The Panasonic EP-MA 73 massage chair is packed with features. The 3D massage rollers protrude from the massage track about 4”. The rollers are going to give you a much deeper massage than what you would find on many other chairs. The ceramic rollers are heated and can provide heat up and down your body. Many other massage chairs have the heat in a centralized location. The quadruple stretch program and ultra-kneading for your feet will work out all of the muscles that you use during your fitness routine.

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Apex AP-Pro Lotus

The Apex AP-Pro Lotus massage chair has a very unique feature. Located in the shoulder massager are two Negative Oxygen ionizers. These help provide purified air directed straight at the users face to help deepen the sense of relaxation that this massage chair provides. This feature purifies the air at the microscopic level and is a technology widely used throughout Asia and Japan. Two stages of zero gravity are present on the lotus. These positions help to reduce gravity's influence on your joints. This helps your joints and the surrounding muscles to relax which ensures that you get the most out of your massage.

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Ogawa Refresh

The Ogawa Refresh massage chair also has a zero gravity feature that will help your muscles unwind. Being in this position takes off the compression along your spine and lowers your blood pressure. The Refresh uses arm & hand, outer shoulder, seat, as well as foot & leg massage compression which helps to loosen up all of your muscles. The heat and vibration options will also work to loosen up your body, so that the massage program you use really penetrates your tired muscles.

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