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The Future of Home Massage Chairs - The Qi

The Future of Home Massage Chairs - The Qi

the Qi massage chair, the future of home massage chairs

During our visit to LV Market here in Las Vegas, NV we stopped by one of our Massage Chair vendors, Cozzia Massage Chairs. If you were curious what the future of massage chairs looks like, we encountered it in their showroom today and were very impressed.

The Qi Massage Chair

The Qi (pronounced CHEE) massage chair represents the absolute height of massage chair technology. This chair is the product of a collaboration between Panasonic, and Cozzia and the technology within, and quality of massage really shows it. This massage chair is quite literally capable of detecting where there is stress or tension in your body and developing a customized massage program to address that tension specifically. We didn't have time to go into all of the features due to time constraints but I will hit the highlights for you.

Heated 4D Massage Roller

A feature you might be familiar with if you have researched Panasonic massage chairs, these rollers include a ceramic heater, and are capable of protruding from the track about 5" for a truly deep tissue massage without limitations.

Massage Doctor

After holding on to a specific attachment, the massage chair fills your body with electromagnetic pulses and reads the reaction to detect where tension resides within your back and body. It then creates a customized massage plan that addresses your SPECIFIC needs.

Advanced Foot Massage Roller

I am not sure of the specifics of the foot massage, but the foot massage roller was very relaxing and felt like much-improved technology over the current standard foot massage roller.

We will likely NOT be carrying this chair, but if you are interested in learning more about it, you can check it out on Cozzia's website here.

In the meantime, check out our vast collection of massage chairs to see which one is capable of meeting your needs.