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Sterns & Foster

Sterns & Foster

Sterns & Foster were founded in 1846 by G.S. Sterns and Seth Foster. The company began inCincinnati Ohio and worked in the horse drawn carriage industry. They built the company by manufacturing the upholstery for the carriages.

Seth Foster was the one behind the idea to branch out into mattresses. George Stearns had invented a cotton bunting and they planned to use that on their new designs. Eventually the company became well known for manufacturing quality.

Realizing that they couldn’t do every element on the design in the early 1900’s they brought in stylists and designers to help with the look of the mattresses. This extremely helped their reputation as well as sales.

In early 1990 Stearns & Foster caught the eye of Sealy. The company was eventually purchased in 1993. They are now considered Sealy’s luxury brand and have continued the same level of quality as before.

In 2000 they partnered with Joma Wool inNew Zealand to useNew Zealand wool as a natural insulator. In 2009 the patented IntelliCoil was established followed by the Indulge Quilt in 2012. Climate control and tufting showed up in 2014 and the Reserve collection was created in 2016 featuring a redesigned innerspring system.

The mission statement for Stearns & Foster proudly claims that every mattress is hand-built by certified craftsmen who are held to their high standards. The craftsmen pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure the delivery of extreme comfort that lasts for a long time. Precise engineering is used to meet the standards to deliver lasting quality.

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