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Simmons Mattresses Through the Ages

When you have been in business for over 140 years you acquire some interesting stories and Simmons has quite a few. One particular story that stands out is that Simmons mattresses were actually on the Titanic, and there are still some of those same mattresses at the bottom of the ocean to this day. The companies long history has afforded them quite a few opportunities to be mentioned with historical events or figures.

Kenosha, Wisconsin was a key location in the manufacturing of wooden insulators and cheese boxes during 1870. Zalmon G. Simmons transformed the company into a mattress manufacturer in 1876. Initially, they produced the mattresses with woven wire, but introduced spiral coil springs in 1889. Using coils dramatically dropped the price of mattresses from $12 to just under $1. Now almost any income bracket can afford a decent mattress.

The innovations did not end in the late 1800s. In 1958 they were the first manufacturer to introduce queen and king size mattresses to the world. In 1995 they ran the ‘bowling ball campaign’. The purpose of the campaign was to show how you can toss and turn in bed, but your partner is not disrupted at all. The ad showed a bowling ball being dropped on a bed, beside a full set of pins that remain unmoved. The advertising format has been copied and used with many other mattress companies.

Innovative trends continued throughout the years, introducing different series of mattresses, incorporated various foams, and always focused on making their coils the best on the market. When you purchase a Simmons BeautyRest mattress you are going to get a well thought out quality product without sacrificing a large chunk of your bank account. Simmons has been determined from the start to give the public quality at a price they can afford.