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Sealy Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base Review

The Reflexion 4 Adjustable Base brings premium design and construction right into your bedroom. The Reflexion is wrapped in high grade fabric that is durable while still being soft to the touch. The 6.5” furniture grade wooden legs add a beautiful touch to the design aesthetic. A nightlight is built into the bottom of the base. Ambient light is created that can make it easier to see during the night or early morning.


Three pre-programmed positions are present on the adjustable base. Zero gravity raises both your head and your legs to create an ideal comfort level. Lounge mode raises the head and lowers the feet. Incline mode slightly raises the headrest and allows you to sleep at a slight incline. This position helps to alleviate snoring. A one-touch flat program is also present and will take the bed back down to the standard position.


The wireless remote gives you the ability to control the headrest and the footrest. The massage aspect of the base can be fully controlled from the remote. You can choose between full body massage or the wave feature. Three levels of intensity can be adjusted as well as which zone is active.


All this movement doesn’t mean you will be out of reach from your nightstand. The Navigate utilizes Wallhugger technology. Bases with Wallhugger engineering lift you up while simultaneously gliding you back, keeping you within arms reach of your nightstand. Wallhugger technology is present on many different adjustable bases. It is still a key feature, especially if you have experienced a base that doesn’t have some form of the technology.

The Reflexion 4 Adjustable base supplies you with the perfect setting for getting a restful nights sleep, each and every single night.


It is very important to purchase a adjustable base that is going to help you sleep through the night and make getting to sleep easy. With the adjustable bases that we have suggested you will be able to rest easy and your body will thank you each and every morning. If you have other questions about any of our mattresses, give us a call 866-328-5352. Our adjustable base experts are ready and waiting to answer any and all of your questions.

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