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Reflexion 7 with Stearns & Foster is the Perfect Combination

Reflexion 7 with Stearns & Foster is the Perfect Combination

Stearns & Foster have created the perfect bedding combination. They have paired their quality mattresses with the Reflexion 7 adjustable base by Sealy. The mattress and base go together so well that you will be excited to jump into ultimate comfort.

The Reflexion 7 adjustable base is going to offer you the most customizable position possible. The base is built in panels so that more comfortable positions can be achieved. Once you have found your desired position, you can turn on the wave massage option. This massage will use gentle vibration that can easily get you to sleep. The wall hugging design will keep you within arms reach of your nightstand, no matter what position you choose. No need to worry about any of your gadgets losing power, because you can plug them into the outlet or USB ports that are located on the base itself. Early mornings are even going to get easier with the under bed LED light that you can use to see around your room when it is still dark.

Once you purchase the perfect base for you, it only makes sense to pair it with one of the best mattresses on the market. Establish in 1846, Stearns & Foster have had a long time to develop the required skills to create a quality mattress. The certified craftsmen that work with Stearns & Foster take pride in each and every mattress that they make. The mattresses are even inspected before they leave the factory, with each inspector signing off on the specific mattress they have assessed.

Stearns and Foster have a wide array of mattresses to suit whatever needs you may have. Each line of Stearns & Foster mattresses have different original touches that you won’t find anywhere else. They use the finest materials and hand tuft many of their mattresses. Cooling foam and adaptive coils will work with your body to ensure you’re getting the best sleep possible. The Stearns & Foster name is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, so you know you’re getting a great mattress.


It is very important to purchase a mattress that is going to help you sleep through the night and make getting to sleep easy. With the mattresses that we have suggested you will be able to rest easy and your body will thank you each and every morning. If you have other questions about any of our mattresses, give us a call 888-996-9890. Our mattress experts are ready and waiting to answer any and all of your questions.