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Racing through childhood dreams in a Supercar by Cilek

Racing through childhood dreams in a Supercar by Cilek

Cilek is providing the best furniture you could every find for your little one. They are presenting a line of luxury car……beds. These pieces of furniture are so realistic that you could easily picture them actually on the road.

Cilek is presenting four models that are each named similarly to what you would find at any car dealership. The BITURBO is a standard model bed with slick gold and white stripes in all the appropriate places. The GTI is reminiscent of a talking car from a pretty big movie. The white and green stripes instantly remind you of the Monaco Grand Prix. The COUPE has a different style frame and is set with a bold interior. 

The beds have LED lights in the headlights and rim section of the wheels. Engine sounds and the lights can be controlled by a remote. The spoiler of the GTI is made out of carbon fiber, yes, still a bed. The grill features the honeycomb design that is used on majority of the cars you actually see on the road. The headboard is created out of leather seats.

Each model comes in multiple color choices and have their own variations and styles. The specs of this bed would make for one really impressive car. Instead, your little one is going to have dreams of concurring the first place position in the top races all over the world, with the Cilek bed series.