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Osaki OS-3700 has the arms included

During a massage you may not think that changing position would cause areas of your body to be out of reach. If a massage chair is in an upright position it is easy for that chair to hit all the vital spots on your body. While you recline the chair into a zero gravity position, often a issue slowly starts to present itself. Your hands regularly slide out of the armrest as your body is being laid down. Now you are getting an invigorating massage, except that your arms now remain untouched.

Luckily, the Osaki OS-3700 isn't considered one of the chairs that will leave parts of your body out. As the chair reclines the armrest will regulate with the movement. The motorized armrests have the ability to move backward and forward about four inches. This means that whilst you are lying down and experiencing a top notch massage, your arms are included. The Osaki OS-3700 is going to make sure that your entire body is getting the benefit of an amazing massage experience.