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New Apex Massage Chairs Available!

New Apex Massage Chairs Available!

We just added a new brand of massage chairs to our collection. Apex features a couple of very advanced 3D massage chairs that feature price tags UNDER $5000. There are a couple more chairs to come from this line up but lets talk about the ones we uploaded! The Apex massage chairs, and the Apex massage chairs.

First the Apex Regent!

The regent is a high end massage chair designed to compete with the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair. While sporting many of the same features like 3D massage technology, ergonomic arm rests, and zero gravity, it does have a couple innovations that the Ep-MA73 doesn't have, like the heat blanket. Now, the EP-MA73 has gotten popular due to its heated ceramic massage rollers. The apex regent does have a heated back massage, but it takes it to the next level with the heat blanket. that brings heat therapy to the front of your body from your shoulders all the way down to the stomach. 

It also has a couple of different massage techniques that other massage chairs don't have, like the Sideways kneading. This massage style is designed to massage the muscles under your shoulder blades. This is only possible because the body scanning technology built into this chair is so advanced that it can detect exactly where your shoulder blades are!

The Regent also has  the fold away ottoman that allows you to hide the foot massager if you don't want to use them.

The Regal Massage Chair!

regal massage chair

After the initial glance at the features, the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair reminded me a lot of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair. It has zero gravity, 3D Massage technology, computer body scanning, and a full body airbag system to provide you with a full body massage experience. The only real difference I found, other than the overall look of the massage chair, is that the Regal massage chair does not have a sound system of any type. Everything is very comparable and the Regal is priced at $4995... $300 less than the Osaki Dreamer even after factoring in the coupon.

I have provided links throughout. Take a look at the different massage chairs and compare for yourself! We think they are a great addition to our collection. What do you think?