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Introducing the Kushion Bluetooth Speaker Pillow

Introducing the Kushion Bluetooth Speaker Pillow

In the past other companies have tried to combine speaker technology into a pillow. The result has always been a muffled attempt that resulted in failure. Finally, someone has figured out how to do it properly. The  Kushion Bluetooth Speaker pillow is not the first one ever created, but the first one that has been done properly.

Kushion was developed over the course of two years. This isn’t a product that has been just thrown on the market to grab as much cash as possible. The Pillow is often compared to top selling name brand headphones and oval shaped speakers. The multi-functional Kushion is great for music, phone calls or even gaming. When you compare this pillow to other Bluetooth pillows on the market, you will instantly not only hear the quality difference, but see it as well. This is a pillow that you will want to put front and center in your room, not hide on your bed.

The Kushion connects through your phone through Bluetooth. They have managed to establish one of the longest Bluetooth ranges on the market. Eight hours of continuous music is able to play through the speaker. You can plug your phone directly in to charge it, although that will take away from the longevity of the speaker. An auxiliary connection is available as well if you want to forego the Bluetooth. If you want to spread the sound throughout the house, you can connect multiple cushions together. This way no matter where you go, you will be able to hear your favorite song, or continue a phone call. 


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