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Introducing the Glideaway Comfort Base App

Introducing the Glideaway Comfort Base App

Technology is undeniably a major part of our everyday lives. Many adjustable bases now have features that allow you to plug in your phone or device for charging at night. This was the start of some companies acknowledging that most people use there phone in bed. Glideaway has taken it a step further with the  Comfort Base app that you can install on your smartphone or tablet.

The intent of the app is to mimic many of the features that you would find on the remote that is included with your adjustable base purchase. The instant benefit of having an app is that you never have to worry about trying to find the remote. Once you have selected the base that you own, the screen will then mirror what you would see on the remote.

One of the features that is available on the remote is the ability to set an alarm to wake you in the morning. If you are using the Elevation model, the alarm will sound through the built-in Bluetooth speakers. With this technology you can also play music through the same speakers. You can even incorporate memory settings that will work with your alarm, allowing you to wake up in a whole new way.

Using the remote gives you full access to the position customization of your bed. You can also adjust the anti-snore feature and the under-bed lighting. The massage features that are available can also be controlled from the app.

Dan Baker, the executive vice president of sales in North America is very proud of the app. “Our Comfort Base App takes full advantage of all the functionality we’ve packed into our Ascend and Elevation bases. Consumers increasingly want to simplify as many elements of their lifestyle, without worrying about multiple devices throughout their home.”

The Comfort Base app is currently compatible with the Elevation and Ascend adjustable bases, which are both here on Bedplanet. As new bases are developed Glideaway will determine which ones will benefit from the use of the app. The app is available in the google play and the apple app store. 


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