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Glideaway Navigate Adjustable Base Review

The Glideaway Navigate adjustable base turns your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. The Navigate is as convenient as it is durable, all while having a stylish appearance that will blend perfectly into your bedroom decor.


The Navigate basically leave the positions up to you. The remote has three pre-programed positions that are, zero gravity, one-touch flat and anti-snore. Anti-snore is a position that is going to raise your partners head slightly if they start to snore during the night. This is an especially nice feature if you decide to use a split-king. That means that one side of the bed will change, while the other stays in a different position.


The controls on the Glideaway Navigate are fairly basic and straight forward. The wireless backlit ergonomic remote control has the 3 pre-programed positions. Six other buttons give you the ability to control your positioning in the bed. You have the option to control the head, the feet or both at the same time.


The Glideaway has focused on safety when creating their adjustable bases. The Navigate has an Emergency Power Down feature, that will get the bed into a flat position. The base also features power surge protection, zero pull force and pinch free zones. It will be comforting to know that this is an adjustable base that you don’t have to worry about.


All this movement doesn’t mean you will be out of reach from your nightstand. The Navigate utilizes Wallhugger technology. Bases with Wallhugger engineering lift you up while simultaneously gliding you back, keeping you within arms reach of your nightstand.


A German engineer motor that displaces the noise is used on the Navigate. This is very important if you are making and adjustment while your partner is sleeping. Not only is the motor on the Navigate silent, it is extremely energy efficient.

The Navigate is an adjustable base that is going to give you everything you could possibly need all wrapped up in a stylish package.


It is very important to purchase a adjustable base that is going to help you sleep through the night and make getting to sleep easy. With the adjustable bases that we have suggested you will be able to rest easy and your body will thank you each and every morning. If you have other questions about any of our mattresses, give us a call 866-328-5352. Our adjustable base experts are ready and waiting to answer any and all of your questions.

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