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Glideaway Freestyle Comfort Base Instructional Video

Glideaway Freestyle Comfort Base Instructional Video

Once you receive your  Glideaway Freestyle Comfort Base you have to tackle the task of putting the base together. Luckily Glideaway has provided this instructional video, which will help get you through the process much easier.

Depending on size, the bed can be put together in under fifteen steps and then you are ready to experience your brand new adjustable base. This base is best put together with the help of an additional person. The strong steel frame, while sturdy and long-lasting, can be a bit much when you take into consideration the size of the base. Make sure that all items are unpacked from the box and set to the side.

Once everything is unpacked you will be addressing the motor. The power cord needs to be routed to the control box and attached to the additional base (if you bought a twin or king). Make sure to connect both motors to the control box and snap the cord into the clips. Next, you will insert the 9V batteries into the compartment, replacing the cover.

Now, you can test the motor. With the base laying flat on the foundation or platform bed, raise the head and foot. Once you confirm they are working properly you can install the retainer brackets. If you have purchased two bases, make sure they are connected together securely. It is finally time to enjoy your brand new Glideaway Freestyle Comfort Base.