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Glideaway Ascend Comfort Base Adjustable Bed

Glideaway Ascend Comfort Base Adjustable Bed

The  Glideaway Ascend is the perfect base to get many of the key benefits with out paying a top-dollar price. The Ascend has many of the features that you will find on other Glideaway bases. When making your decision on which adjustable base to go with, it helps to figure out what features are important to you and if there are any that you can do without.

Glideaway Ascend Motion

The Ascend has full range positions, meaning that you are going to get up and down movement in the head and the foot. The Elevate feature is present on the Ascend and will raise the base to an incline up to 12 degrees. This feature can be used with other movement or operated on its own. If you were to raise the base up, but remain laying flat, it will help alleviate snoring. A Zero-Gravity position is also available on the Ascend. Zero gravity will distribute your weight and for some users create a feeling of weightlessness. The intent of zero gravity is to relieve stress from the joints of the body. There is a dedicated button on the remote to get the base into zero gravity. Two memory positions are available so that you can get into your favorite position quickly and easily.

Sleep Enhancement

Getting to sleep each night is going to be easier when you have the option to use the sleep enhancements that are present on the Ascend. Vibration is controllable through the remote and will have many benefits on your body. The element of white noise that the vibration will create will help ease your mind into restful sleep. When you decide to use the vibration you can set a 10, 20 or 30 minute timer to ensure that it turns off. After having a particularly long day, it will be very nice to get into bed and turn the vibration intensity up high to alleviate any aches and pains. Four wave modes will change the style to suit various needs.


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