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Find Out More About StellarComfort Lift Chairs from UltraComfort

Find Out More About StellarComfort Lift Chairs from UltraComfort

When you decide to purchase a  SellarComfort lift chair your body is going to be able to slip into ultimate positions that provide wellness and relaxation. You will be able to move effortlessly from the seated position, to a television position and then into a laid back recline. Many StellarComfort chairs come in different sizes, so that you can find a chair that is perfect for your specific body shape.

Television Position

In the television position the seat glides back, while the footrest will rise to support your feet. You are not able to comfortably watch television, read, or use your laptop. Ergonomic upper body support is provided to reduce strain to your neck and shoulders.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity positioning is also available on StellarComfort chairs. When you are in zero gravity your spine, hips and knees are balanced. The pressure is removed from your joints while you weight is shifted onto the backrest of the chair and the seat. Some people have even reported that when positioned into zero gravity, they have felt almost weightless. With StellarComfort’s patented technology the seat itself will raise up and move. This is a feature that you are not going to find in many other chairs. The movement of the seat creates a more natural flow for your body, rather than stiff or harsh repositioning.

Sleep Position

You will be so comfortable in your new Stellar Comfort chair from UltraComfort, that you are bound to end up taking a quick nap. The sleep position will recline you to an almost complete flat position.


Controlling your chair is going to be very easy. The remote that is included with StellarComfort chairs, features big buttons that light up. This will ensure that you can see the remote no matter what time of day it is. There is even a programmable button, so that you can quickly get to your favorite position as soon as you sit in your chair.

Purchasing a lift chair is a big decision. You want to make sure that you are going to get a chair that will last you a long time and that you are truly going to love. When you purchase a  Stellar Comfort lift chair from UltraComfort, you are going to get a quality chair with many options that ensure that you will be comfortable every single time that you sit in it. 


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