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Elevation to Relief

Most people don’t tend to think that sleeping can actually cause problems with your body. Those are probably the same people who do not suffer from sleep related issues. The Elevation adjustable base can alter your sleep position to help alleviate acid reflux, heartburn and GERD. This is done with a medically recommended incline that keeps the acids in the stomach and out of the esophagus. Most esophageal damage from reflux occurs during sleep. Worsening symptoms can also interfere with sleep patterns. An additional lift motor is included in the elevation bed. This has the capability to make the bed rise to any occasion. The head lift function on many adjustable bases may provide relief, but many people do not enjoy sleeping with their head at the angle needed and can easily position it too high, resulting in disrupting the proper alignment of the head and neck. With the Elevation users can still manage to get into their common, comfortable sleeping position. This is easily done with the push of a button, resulting in instant relief, as you do not have to train yourself to fall asleep in a different position. The Elevation adjustable base will not only create a comfortable place for you to sleep at night, it will help you get through each night easier, and allow you to start off the next day feeling renewed and refreshed.