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E3 Adjustable Base By Reverie Versus Falcon Adjustable Base by Leggett & Platt

The Reverie is the proud winner of the Women’s Choice Award. Their  3E adjustable base looks to carry on that award winning tradition. Although, contender has now hopped into the ring. Leggett & Platt have just released the  Falcon adjustable base. It is in the same price bracket as the 3E, comes in the same sizes and also has multiple features. Can Reverie hold the crown or will they have to hand it over to Leggett & Platt?

The obvious comparison would be to line up the features. Right off the bat the price is close but Leggett & Platt are going to pull this category. The Falcon queen size adjustable base is $799 while the 3E sits at $899.

The remote on the 3E is wired to the bed. This could be a convenience because you will never lose it, but it also limits where you can put it, or who can use it. The Falcon features a wireless remote control. The 3E has Head/Foot rest control and a one touch flat button on the remote. The Falcon has the same options but is missing the one touch flat button.

Leggett & Platt have an 800lb weight limit on the Falcon, but the 3E can go up to 850lbs. The Falcon’s steel frame is 30lbs lighter than most adjustable base frames and is made from compressed steel. The 3E is made of proprietary steel, but does not advertise a weight.

Both adjustable bases have high performance quiet motors and both have hefty warranties backing each base. Leggett & Platt decided to ditch the retention bar (but still include it) for a microhook system. Two strips of velcro like material are on the base to secure the mattress in place. The E3 still requires the use of a retention bar and it isn’t optional.

The comparisons of the two adjustable bed bases are very close in a lot of features. Considering that Leggett and Platt sits at lower cost, it seems that their more current convenience features may win out in this battle.